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Why am I against liberalism?

Why am I against liberalism as a system, and against the liberals themselves? I will give the answer in this article. In fact, supporting liberalism can raise a lot of questions, because liberalism is a ridiculous idea. I can hardly imagine a sane person who would support liberalism. Why almost? Because propagandists from the liberal political current have been skillfully lying for hundreds of years, they definitely know how to deceive the masses. Even the Russian writer Dostoevsky spoke negatively about liberalism, saying that «one of the characteristic features of Russian liberalism is a terrible contempt for the people.» And in this I agree with him, he is absolutely right.

I have previously criticized democracy in my article “Democracy is the worst possible regime”, which can also be considered a blow to liberalism, because liberalism is built on democracy. Of course, liberalism is a little more than democracy, and in the time that has passed since writing the criticism of the democratic regime, I have additional thoughts on this matter, as well as new “material” that I would like to use now.

Why am I against liberalism as a theory? At least because the cross-eyed Thomas Hobbes and the poodle-like John Locke, who represented a stupid philosophical idea called empiricism, are considered the first liberals. Liberalism is one of the manifestations of infantilism, because its supporters are predominantly teenagers and older immature people. In my eyes, liberalism is a childish prank, a way of self-expression, the result of youthful maximalism. I am skeptical of many things, and even more so of those that present a kind of rainbow world, where it is fun and beautiful. Especially if we take into account the fact that we live in not the best world, where such ideas cannot be implemented at the level at which it is presented.

One of the significant character traits of liberals, at least most of them, is meticulousness. They love to constantly pester everyone with their stupidities, prove to everyone their genius, insult others. They strive to show their exclusivity, their rightness in everything, even if this rightness exists only in their subjective view. An example would be atheism, which many liberals adhere to. Although perhaps everything. Their desire to glorify atheism turned into a kind of fashion that caused a bunch of communities on social networks, songs, and other results of any activity. Their desire to stand out with their hypocritical views is disgusting, nothing more. Believers are unlikely to ever be as active in pestering atheists as atheists are now doing. If an atheist says that he is a believer, trying to show some kind of piety, as well as playing his “trump card” against the opponent of atheists, then all this piety and faith usually comes down to stupidity like “Well, I believe in God, and that’s it.” «. What kind of a believer is he who has never thought about God, religion and faith? This is not a believer, this is an indifferent liar. I note that such individuals, unfortunately, are also present among those people who do not support atheists and consider themselves believers.

I only touched on atheism, it may be a topic for a completely different article. Atheism is one of those ideas that are characteristic not only of liberals, but also of democrats and communists. I believe that these three ideas are very similar. In theory, they represent the salvation of mankind, a real panacea for all the horrors of the world, but when implemented, we see that these are completely different ideas that do not work at all. Trying to bring these ideas to life is like taking the wheels off a bicycle and trying to ride it. From the representatives of these ideas, we hear about freedom, and when implemented, we see selective freedom for “ours” (under democracy and liberalism), or the closure of borders and complete control of personal life (communism). They promise to save us from the problems of inequality, but for some reason everything constantly goes wrong, and in the first two cases, all the wealth falls into the hands of the oligarchs or friends of the government, and in the third to the party elite. These ideas are a much bigger scam than all sorts of crumbs like «Vlastilina», MMM, casinos and everything else.

It is especially ironic when liberalism and communism fight each other. If they fight each other with the help of restrictions and prohibitions, then there is a real show at all. Just think about it: ideas that promise complete freedom fight each other with prohibitions and punishments. This causes a real cognitive dissonance and forever pushes away from these false panaceas. But we understand that both of these ideologies are fighting not only with each other, but other people also fall under their repressions.

In the Russian Federation, the situation is such that two generations of liberal swindlers are fighting here. The first generation is, let’s say, «post-communists» who sold one idea and traded it for another. As they say, «a sew on the soap», only here communism is against liberalism. These are representatives of the current government of the Russian Federation. The other generation of liberals are like-minded people of the first generation, only the “deprived”, who were not allowed to enjoy privileges. They are more radical, which is natural, because it is such a competition. I would even say that nothing much will change if you change one for the other. I mean that visually it will not change, in fact, everything will only get worse. Look at this new generation of liberals — only populist slogans, no concrete proposals.

In the US, it’s almost the same. Unless, the system there is more left-wing than in the Russian Federation. In the same New York, you can rob up to $ 1,000 thanks to a new law. The thief will not be imprisoned if he stole less than 1000 US dollars. For example, Isaac Rodriguez from Queens was arrested a total of 46 times in one year, gaining more things for himself.

Liberal journalists are a separate issue altogether. In the screenshots below, you can see an example of how liberals brazenly lie, substituting concepts.

Do you want to see all that freedom and the value of life that liberals talk about? What do you think of the words of Atlantic Council member Andres Åslund, who advised NATO to bomb Russian cities preemptively to intimidate Putin? Although NATO, and in particular the United States, has always used its soldiers as a tool, they have long been no longer considered people there, only goods. American fertilizers for the soil have already been in many countries of the world.

One of the obvious liberals can be considered Maxim Katz. He is a real liberal, because he is characterized by constant lies. He said that the Russian army had hit a residential area of Odessa, calling it terrorism. In fact, the target of the attack were military installations outside the city. This is understandable, if only because the emphasis was placed on only one missile. And what can be the shelling with a single rocket? This is impossible to believe. This missile was clumsily shot down by air defense. There is nothing unusual about this, only idiots believe Katsu.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that China’s construction of a military base in the Solomon Islands would be a «red line». It’s funny that they are so dissatisfied with other people’s military bases, while everywhere they are trying to create their own. The hypocrisy of liberalism in all its glory.

Of course, liberals hate their homeland and their people. One well-known liar in the media, Radio Liberty, called foreign fighters volunteers. They are always ready to humiliate themselves, to serve. They do not understand reasonable conclusions, because reason is far from them. Ukrainian militants came up with a story about a boy allegedly raped by Russian soldiers. By the way, they have come up with similar stories already, probably several hundred, funny liars. And then one of the Russian pacifist liberals got a tattoo in the form of an alleged drawing of this boy, decided to support the Ukrainian militants. The funny thing is that the Ukrainians began to persecute her for this, and not support her. And she decided to apologize for it! The existence of such insignificant people without self-respect is truly amazing.

But on the other hand, against representatives of their own people, especially against patriotic ones, they are ready to use all their anger. Yevgeny Keksin, the owner of a bar in Yekaterinburg called Ogonyok, took to Instagram to vote on whether to spit in a cocktail of a visitor who wore a T-shirt with the letter «Z» as support for Russian soldiers.

Whether 100 years ago or now, liberalism is stable. They can’t say anything against a foreign people, they are even ready to lick their boots, if only they would praise them. But they are ready to go to war against their people. Tinkov completely insulted the Russian army and the Russian people, calling them morons. And in Cyprus, a citizen of the Russian Federation, Igor Malo, was detained, who opposed the Russian people in Cyprus.

The foreign attitude towards Russians is as terrible as possible. They sell T-shirts with a call to kill Russians. The mayor of Dnipro even called for killing as many Russians as possible around the world. Deputy of Ukraine Oleksiy Goncharenko said: «The Russian land should know nothing but crying, hysteria and suffering.» Ukraine itself adopted a law on the appropriation of all the property of Russians. Estonia decided to ban even Yandex Taxi. Swiss insurance company Zurich Insurance has removed its Z logo from social media to avoid being associated with support for the Russian military. Britain provokes wars as usual: Boris Johnson has declared that he will do «everything in my power to starve Putin’s war machine.» In Berlin, they hunted Russians, collecting their addresses and car numbers. The county of Herford in Germany has banned the issuance of license plates with the letter «Z». The International Swimming Federation suspended two-time Olympic champion Yevgeny Rylov from competitions for nine months due to attending a concert at Luzhniki. Wimbledon organizers have officially suspended Russian and Belarusian tennis players from participating in the tournament.

And after this information, let’s return to our liberals. Milov, who sang along with Navalny, promises to wash the floors with the Russian flag. The liberals ridiculed the liberal Kirill Martynov, denouncing his hypocrisy. The following liberals ignored the torture of Russian soldiers: Leonid Volkov, Ilya Varlamov, Evgenia Albats, Stanislav Belkovsky, Vladimir Milov, Alexei Navalny, Alexei Pivovarov, Danil Poperechny, Ekaterina Shulman, Yuri Dud and others. Maxim Katz, Khodorkovsky and Lyudmila Stein justified the torture. Even the scientific director of the liberal Levada Center, Lev Gudkov, considers the political activity of the liberals senseless. Liberals leave insulting inscriptions against Russians on the territory of the Russian Federation. The prostitute Sobol, who cheated on her husband, decided to bring teachers from the Russian Federation to the “wall of shame” who do not support Ukrainian militants.

Foreign states are trying with all their might to harm us. Our fellow citizens suffer because of their actions. Payments have become more difficult to make; tourism and airlines are hit; Sobyanin said that about 200 thousand people in Moscow alone will lose their jobs due to the departure of foreign companies; they want to deprive us of even small things like cola and other food and drink; allowed to hate us on social networks. They have done so much harm to ordinary citizens of the Russian Federation, and the liberals still support them.

If you want to know how liberalism treats dead people, you can watch the news from the BBC mass propaganda medium, in which the deceased Zhirinovsky was called a «clown». Blasphemy is characteristic of liberals, because atheism is close to them — it denies moral norms, which liberalism considers a relic of the past.

But let’s move on to the less relevant news that happened earlier. Durov, at the request of the German authorities, blocked 64 Telegram channels due to the fact that they opposed the restriction of rights under the pretext of fighting the coronavirus. They were considered extremist. This is the essence of liberalism — if they do not like someone, they label him and repress him.

Did you know that in 2016 the UK passed the Investigative Powers Act, which was issued to create a system of secret surveillance on the Internet. With its help, it was possible to register and save data about what the user is doing on the Internet. And this is just one of those «toys» with which liberalism wants to control its little world of «freedom and the protection of human rights.»

With this, I would like to end this article. Probably, it was worth calling it not “Why am I against liberalism?”, but “Why are you still not against liberalism?”, But that’s okay, because the main thing in this article is the essence, not its name.