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Will there be a winter campaign in Ukraine?

Will there be a winter campaign in Ukraine, as well as a general mobilization in January, which has been rumored lately? I will express my opinion about these topical issues in this article. The situation at the front is becoming more and more serious, attracting more and more attention. In addition, the situation inside our country is also changing, unusual phenomena are being made public, such as support for Ukrainian militants from local liberals who did not leave the Russian Federation earlier, like their like-minded people. As Roman Antonovsky rightly noted, the most disgusting of them remained and continue to harm from within.

Will there be a winter campaign in Ukraine?

A little over a week ago, very sad events took place that shocked many. Serbian President Vucic became disillusioned with the Russian Federation, the Republic of Chad issued a stamp depicting the terrorist attack on the Crimean bridge with the signature «Crimean bridge». And this is despite the fact that earlier Chad signed an agreement on military-technical cooperation with the Russian Federation. Attempts by the traitorous governor Beglov to close the PMC Wagner Center. And other events. All of them greatly influenced the mood of those people who support Russia and the Russian army.

Now, a series of good news has begun again: in many areas of Lviv, the power goes out; emergency blackouts in Kyiv; in part of Kyiv, the light went out; emergency blackouts are introduced; problems with electricity in Rivne, Zhytomyr and other cities; Zhytomyr was left without electricity; Kirill Timoshenko said that the energy situation in Ukraine is critical; some have serious interruptions that caused the equipment to burn out; aviation began to hit the front line; a blow was struck on the building of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the operational command; and other news reports.

To be honest, all these “emotional swings” are already quite stable. Either good news or bad news. And so in a circle. Because of this, it is very difficult to predict what the winter campaign in Ukraine will be like. But I still hope that it will take place and will be carried out very actively, without any frosts and pauses. The Ukrainian army, by the way, announced that it plans to capture the Crimea by the end of December, and end the war itself in late spring. Very serious intentions, considering that they once gave it away voluntarily.

What can I say, we are all waiting for more serious actions so that such statements do not sound at all. For example, the Russian media outlet RIA Novosti writes an article with the following headline: “Welt readers expressed confidence that Zelensky will beg for a truce with Russia.” Great, but why do I need this information at all? The opinion of some readers of some foreign newspaper, which I heard about only a couple of times. Don’t care what they think there. I want to hear not about some kind of certainty, but about successful fights; that captured foreign fighters were indeed executed; that the Ukrainian militants surrendered without a fight and we moved even further. And all these expressions of confidence mean nothing. And I think that all those people who support our army and homeland will agree with me.

Recently there was talk of reparations from Russia. A UN vote was held, on which the need to pay reparations was supported by a majority, many countries abstained from voting. It was even decided to create a registry that would take into account the alleged harm to the Russian Federation. Such impudence raises many questions and impressions. I think it was a very good indicator of how democracy actually works, as I have written many times in my articles, for example, in the article “Democracy is the worst possible regime”. This is another case where everything is decided not by quality, but by quantity. And now all envious countries have united against Russia, showing their long-standing grievances against our country. Most likely, it was a simple formality in order to launder the funds of the Russian Federation frozen in the winter. Do you want to know who our real allies are? I will tell you: Belarus, South Africa, China, North Korea, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Iran, Mali, Nicaragua and some others.

The Warsaw Congress was held, at which the “National Resistance Act” was adopted in the first reading, recognizing the murders of Russian supporters as legal, and all opponents of the regime as prisoners of war. Congress delegate Alexander Osovtsov said he was ready to support the destruction of Putin’s supporters. There was a proposal to exclude forceful resistance from the document, which was considered impossible. This again shows us the real attitude of Russian liberals towards the Russian people — the desire to destroy them. That is why liberals cannot be supported, because they are very serious Russophobes.

«Beat your own so that strangers are afraid»

I want to touch on one point, which sometimes makes me extremely surprised. This is the rejection of true patriotism by a significant part of our country. This happens to government members as well. Recently, at the behest and desire of Mizulina, a blogger or whatever he is under the pseudonym Nekoglai was deported from the country. They also gave me a fine of 5,000 rubles, shaved my head, even stripped my eyebrows. Do you know why? He recorded a patriotic video parody of a Russian soldier throwing a grenade away. The video, by the way, has become quite popular among children, which is good news. There is nothing wrong with this parody, on the contrary, it popularizes patriotism among the younger generation. But Mizulina, with her useless Safe Internet League, which did nothing useful, wanted and achieved his deportation. Such people should not be given power in any case, they only make things worse.

This event was very ironically played up in the comments of one of the Telegram channels:

Near Moscow, a Moldavian spy who was engaged in sabotage and war crimes against Russia with the call sign “Nekoglai” was detained and deported, now the Russians can sleep peacefully.

-The new Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Andrey Petrov told in his interview to the Minister of Education and an expert on traditional values of the Russian Federation — Igor Sinyak.


In addition, many are angry with Russian nationalists and conservatives. The same media, I think, will not write anything good, because all this time earlier they only did that they launched various discrediting information about these people. People treat the rightists as some kind of monsters, someone even tries to equate them with the Azov people, because the Azov people are, they say, also nationalists and all that. Only now, Russian nationalists do not support this same Azov, quite the opposite. All these haters condemn the Russian right only for their beliefs, but at the same time they themselves do nothing to win. What are the right doing? They give a lot of help to the front, they themselves take part in it. The same DSHRG Rusich, other volunteer brigades created by Russian nationalists and football fans to defend their country; many Telegram channels, Vkontakte groups and other sources of information make content with the support of our army; create drawings dedicated to this; make donations and much more. What will a critic of Russian nationalists and conservatives do for the front? Most often, nothing. What will such a person do when they want to mobilize him or the war somehow touches him? He will run away from the country, like many opponents of Russian patriots before.

At the same time, a woman who promotes the sexual revolution of the 21st century, Olga Vasilenko, was invited to the State Duma. They invited her to the congress of the State Duma Committee on Family, Women and Children! Do you represent this absurdity? What should she do there? Advertise your courses? Other negative characters were also invited. She believes that even first graders can watch pornography. I think that only this information will be enough to understand what kind of person he is and what values he represents. And these are definitely not family values.

Here Leonid Volkov, a supporter of Navalny, said that the Russians should «repent and pay reparations.» Another liberal position on this issue. Here you have the person with whom you really could do the same as with Nekoglai. Alina, a resident of Kursk, posted on Instagram, which, by the way, is banned, a video in which she defiantly tears off a sheet with information about helping the residents of Donbass. Who really deserves deportation. A British mercenary who was released from the death penalty received an iPhone and a steak from Abramovich. This is definitely not the punishment he really deserved. By the way, he is returning and will fight again on the side of the Ukrainian militants.

Meanwhile, all sorts of Pugachevs and other traitors are quietly spending time in Tel Aviv, to which they decided to come on their own, no one deported them. These are the people who really deserve the same attitude as Nekoglai had.

At the corporate day of the employee of Sberbank, they sang «Ukraine has not died yet.» It happened in Pushkino in the Jolly karaoke club. In Rostov exactly the same event. And on the waterfront of Yalta. This happens because there is no intelligible work with patriotism in the country. Such acts are not specifically punished. The woman who arranged such a “disco” on the Yalta embankment was forced to apologize. It’s just a shame.

Returning from captivity, Olga Lakunova said that all «Russians must die, even children.» “Sharp but fair,” the presenter answered her. And no one even began to condemn her in Ukraine. We also need to respond more harshly, without all these games of kindness and blah blah blah. Of course, it is not necessary to do the same as this fool, but it is certainly impossible to play peace with those who wish the worst for us, this is obvious. Just remember what they recently did to the people of Kherson who supported Russia.

I recently wrote that a teacher from Tyumen supported the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This is also a very serious omission. Moreover, even the leadership of the school did not care about his actions. It shouldn’t be like that at all. We need real support for our army, not stamped news in the state media and a few purchased banners on the roads. It is necessary to promote patriotism in the educational institutions of our country, especially in schools where minds have not yet grown strong. It is necessary to ban Russophobic and LGBT books, publish patriotic books; to make patriotic songs for people of all ages, including young people, and not some kind of chanson for an audience of 50 years or more. Import substitution needs to be seriously emphasized. Then we will be happy.

Ukrainian provocation

Ukrainian militants tried to make a provocation by dropping missiles on the territory of Poland. They didn’t succeed. The Pentagon said: «We will not speculate without facts», the US State Department said: «It is important for the United States to determine whether the missile drop in Poland was an accident or a deliberate act.» Even Biden said that «it is unlikely that the missiles in Poland were fired from Russia.» Zelensky tried to stand his ground: “It was Russian missiles that fell on the territory of Poland and called on NATO countries to “act” otherwise, according to him, Russia cannot be stopped in another way.”

In the end, Russia still came out to blame. Olaf Scholz said: “It doesn’t matter whose rocket fell in Poland. It doesn’t matter to Germany, in any case, Russia is to blame, because it attacked Ukraine.” “The United States holds the Russian Federation responsible for the missile incident in Poland, regardless of what the results of the investigation will be,” the White House said. A very ridiculous statement from clowns who want to keep their ratings and show their complete faith in what they are doing, despite the fact that their actions are reckless.

In general, in fact, the position of the Western countries in these matters is even better than it could be. After all, they are not yet so crazy as to start a third world war. It will not be beneficial to anyone, especially Ukraine itself, which will turn into a battlefield and, most likely, will cease to exist. Zelensky and his followers for some reason want to fight to the last Ukrainian. Perhaps this is because they are not at all sure of their victory and understand that in the end they will lose.

Will there be a winter campaign in Ukraine: general mobilization

There were rumors about a new mobilization in the Russian Federation, now about a general one. They also did not believe in partial mobilization, but it happened. Therefore, it is impossible to precisely deny the universal. But I’m not really sure about it. I think a new partial mobilization is more likely than a general one. In general, I don’t see the point in this, because enough people were already mobilized. If in January there is a general mobilization, then I will be shocked by this.

As for the expectation of a nuclear war, I would not want it. All these chopiks, Samosirs are, of course, interesting, but only as a joke. In reality, I do not think that any of these people are really preparing for a nuclear war, and even if they are preparing, it is not in the best way. Even if you close your eyes to this, even good preparation and the presence of large supplies do not guarantee survival during this very nuclear war, therefore no one will most likely get to Samosir.

In conclusion, I will say that I hope for the success of the winter campaign in Ukraine, if it takes place. Glory to Russia!