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Should the right in the world cooperate with the Russian right

Should the right in the world cooperate with the Russian right? This is my first article, which will be written specifically for those who speak English, and not translated from Russian. The article will not be translated into Russian because it was written not for the Russian right, but for the right from other countries.

As you can imagine, I myself am a right-wing politician from Russia. Russian right. Sometimes I try to publish articles in English in a special section — «English Articles». But it doesn’t always work out because of fatigue. After all, first of all, I write in Russian.

But it doesn’t matter. Let’s move on to the article itself. Russian right-wingers often touch on not only local events, but also events in the world — in the USA, in Europe and not only. I myself very often touch upon such news. And my articles are devoted not only to the right-wingers in Russia, but also in the world. Moreover, news about world events is not secondary news and is important enough for us.

Some Russian right-wingers do either translate or simply use news from sites of the right-wingers from other countries. In other words, we try to provide good information support.

Right-wing activists in the Russian Federation today have a fairly good number. Even if you treat the Russians badly, you cannot deny our benefits for the world right-wing movement.