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Biden brought racial discrimination back to the US

Biden brought racial discrimination back to the US in education that plagues whites and Asians. Now, in order to get a place in a good university in the USA, you need to be of the “right” race.

Biden brought racial discrimination back to the US. Immediately after Joe Biden came to power, the US Department of Justice hastily terminated a two-year investigation into Ivy League universities. The universities were accused of racial discrimination in the selection of applicants. Whites and Asians have suffered the most from this discrimination.

There are separate points systems for representatives of different races. It is much easier for blacks and descendants of Indians to do it than for a white or Asian.

This scheme opens up a wide scope for fraud. The well-known precedent of Senator Elizabeth Warren — «Pocahontas», who invented Indian roots in order to enter the quota at the University of Houston and then become a teacher at Harvard.

Asian applicants began suing the Ivy League back in 2014. The system of racial assessment of applicants soon became clear. Take Harvard, for example. An Asian has a 25% chance of admission. White — 35%. Hispanic — 75% Well, the Negro is as much as 95%.

It wasn’t until August 2020 that the Department of Justice officially recognized racial discrimination in the United States in education. But since then the power has been in other hands and it is simply impossible to say something like that, it is «politically incorrect».

Yeah, and then the left will say that blacks do because of their mind. Yeah of course.