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Stereotypes — good or bad

Many people criticize stereotypes, «prejudices», «bias» and stuff like that. But if you think about it — is it good or bad? And why is that? A similar topic is touched upon quite often and for some reason if a person adheres to certain stereotypes, then he is condemned.

If they talk about stereotypes, then they naturally condemn so-called “racial prejudices” and the like. Why it happens? Because of the propaganda of all sorts of leftist ideas: equality, fraternity and other nonsense. People are not equal from birth, but they think if they force everyone to think so, it will change.

Interestingly, they themselves also create and spread stereotypes. They tell us that if you, for example, think that blacks are often criminals, then you are a hater, a xenophobe, and generally a caveman. In addition, they are seriously trying to disseminate «research» that the alleged opponents of tolerance are less intelligent. Although it is usually the supporters of tolerance that are wilder, rude and less developed.

Or I will give an example with LGBT supporters. They complain about stereotypical thinking on the part of their opponents, and they themselves spread false beliefs that, for example: “opponents of LGBT people are latent gays”, “heterosexual families are full of cruelty to each other and violence”, “homosexuals are born, not become » and much more. I have two articles that refute this. The first is an analysis of the main arguments, the second is facts and statistics.

That is, when it comes to them, stereotypes are immediately bad. And when it comes to their opponents, that’s okay. These are the double standards.

Personally, I would divide stereotypes into two categories: natural and artificial. Natural — those based on facts and statistics that are true. For example, the belief that blacks commit most crimes in the United States while being a minority. After all, this is true. Artificial — created with the help of propaganda. For example, the belief that all people are equal. Or that supposedly all men are potential rapists, as some feminists tell us.

A person constantly uses stereotypes. When you or yours (hereinafter simply — your relatives and relatives buy, say, milk from a certain manufacturer, and then they don’t like it, then they are not unlikely to take it later. And vice versa — if they like it, they will most likely take it to next time it will be his. ”That is, stereotypes have a place to be in everyday life, in the most ordinary things.

I will give an example related to me. From January 2020 to roughly September 2020, I had a different hosting. More precisely, the site was on a different hosting. Russian. When Roskomnadzor blocked me for the first time, the hosting was immediately ready to get rid of me, although I was banned only one article, and not the entire site. Since then, I will never use it, and indeed the hosting that is located in the Russian Federation, because I am convinced that if something happens they will not only get rid of me, but also, possibly, will lay out all my data about me.

That is, stereotypes based on truth are fully justified and it is simply ridiculous to condemn for them, and artificial stereotypes, on the contrary, are an acceptable reason for condemnation.