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Biden declares war on heterosexuals

Biden declares war on heterosexuals. Thus, he decided to arrange a total LGBT propaganda around the world. How “unexpected” it is.

After the machinations, as a result of which Biden was able to come to power, he immediately outlined his goals and made the first decrees. He decided not to hide his true intentions, as the supporters of leftist ideas did earlier, hiding behind equality and other stories.

Here they are — the true left. Initially, they say that they just want the same rights as heterosexuals, they say that they do not promote LGBT among children, and then they start organizing parades. Only now everything has become much worse than the previous propaganda. Now Biden wants to impose sanctions against opponents of LGBT people, that is, against countries ruled by sane people, whose presidential administration «by a miraculous coincidence» consists of only Jews.

The Turner Diaries are slowly approaching us. If earlier it seemed to be fiction, now it turned out to be a harsh reality.