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Most oppressed minority

What is the most oppressed minority on our planet? What do you think? If you are asking this question, then you are most likely an adherent of the so-called «left» views. But first of all, this article is intended specifically for people of «right» views, since their minds are not clogged with leftist ideas that can prevent them from accepting the harsh reality.

Why did I mention that the left is more likely to deal with this issue? It’s simple. The foundation of leftist ideas is the idea of ​​“divide and conquer” — they turn a certain group of people against others. They are forced to believe that their rights are belittled, and if they become leftists, they will immediately improve their situation.

Previously, the topic of oppression was not as relevant as it is now. Now we constantly hear about the oppression of any groups of people. Before World War II, the position of the left and the right was equal. It was not a war between countries, but a war between two completely opposite ideas. After the defeat of the Third Reich, everything changed. The left got carte blanche. They began to demonize the right all over the place, while simultaneously imposing through culture and other variants the belief that leftist ideas are a kind of panacea for “evil”. That, they say, leftist ideas bring peace, goodness, light and so on. The image of the right-wingers was recreated as the image of the oppressors, who held power by force, and now have lost it, now paying for their past sins.

The left did not even have to increase the number of its supporters directly, promoting their beliefs as part of politics. No, they went the other way. They began to promote it not as part of politics, but as something natural, simply shaping people’s beliefs. Subsequently, today we have a huge number of potential leftists.

Along with the advancement in culture and other areas, the right was also banned at the legislative level. All these «extremisms», «rehabilitation of Nazism» and much more. If right-wing ideas are as bad as they are portrayed, then why should people be repressed for their opinions? They themselves should not support right-wing ideas, since they are so “monstrous”. This lie is very easy to refute, so the left has limited this opportunity as well.

And at the same time, the communists, social democrats, as you wish, made many sacrifices, they were outright terrorists, who did not even hide it. So why not ban communism and allied ideas? This is where the double standards of what is prohibited is not “evil extremist things”, but right-wing ideas.

Red Terror

So who represents this most oppressed minority? White people. In particular, men, since white women are most often supporters of leftist ideas. Representatives of LGBT people, feminists and other people with white skin color can hardly be called white either, because they are white only in skin color, they themselves, for the most part, hate white people, and indeed they are part of leftist ideas.

White people in the world today are by no means the majority, they are a minority. But this is not enough for the left, they continue to promote LGBT people, which leads to a decrease in the birth rate of white people, feminists, who are mostly either lesbians or supporters of the idea of ​​non-procreation, the so-called «childfree».

This idea was first expressed by William Pierce, a very intelligent man who, unfortunately, is not with us today. In his publication An Open Letter to a Dead Race, he raised the topic of the gradual extinction of the white race. He was one of the few people who were not afraid to express their opinion, who preferred to remain silent rather than tell the whole truth and would subsequently be persecuted.

most oppressed minority

Take a closer look at the one whose interests are in the first place today in countries where the majority of the population is white. The United States is a bipartisan system with two parties — Democrats and Republicans. They differ from each other only in names. Both parties improve the rights of blacks, Jews and other minorities. Most European countries are now not interested in the indigenous population. They seem to be participating in the competition «Who will replace the indigenous population with migrants faster.» You don’t have to go far. Russian Federation — the indigenous population is gradually dying out. The population is maintained at the same level due to the endless flow of migrants. Open your eyes! These are no longer minorities, they united and became the majority, now you are a minority, and the most oppressed minority at that.

The left is constantly shouting about freedom of speech, about the importance of this very freedom of speech. But they also persecute people for dissent. Their struggle for freedom of speech is just loud words. All these prohibitions of denying the Holocaust, the prohibition of “extremism”, the prohibition of insulting the authorities and much more — this is their “freedom of speech” — deception. They talk about equality, but at the same time, minorities have more rights than others. They have the right to say whatever they want about white people. And at the same time, a white person must consider the likelihood of offending them, otherwise he will be subject to serious condemnation, and possibly a prison sentence. When some important group of people was affected, they immediately repeat about it wherever possible. When a white person is faced with the same problem, or even much worse, they turn a blind eye to it. One example is the recent death of drug addict Floyd.

These same minorities harm whites more than whites do them. Most crimes in the United States are committed by blacks, while they themselves are a minority. But you will not be told about it anywhere. You will be told that whites are a race of “haters”, “xenophobes”, and will be sprinkled with other terms. Today they already have a whole collection of similar terms designed to condemn the white race.

Blacks are a minority in the United States, but they, along with other minorities, will appear in films and TV shows so many, they make up 90% of the US population. In addition, they will be shown in films as the kindest, bravest, and so on. Whites will have the roles of the main villains or just negative characters.

Black Crimes

And at the same time, we see a completely different side of the world. The countries of Asia, realizing the perfection of right-wing ideas, began to follow them. They do not bring in crowds of blacks, they do not lead Jews to power, and therefore they have a very low crime rate, a high standard of living, and in terms of technology, they are developing very rapidly today. They look at white people as those who have destroyed themselves. Indeed it is.

The left will tell us about the terrible propaganda in the Third Reich, while only a few films in it were propaganda. Most of the films themselves are propaganda. Propaganda is already in the smallest detail. Type in the search for the same Yandex — «Europeans». There will be a huge number of photographs of blacks who are not Europeans. Drive in «Africans» — you won’t see a single white man. Type in «White Family» and you will be able to compose an endless collection of publications about «the benefits of mixed marriages», «beautiful mixed families» and other propaganda tricks.

Know, today you are the most oppressed minority. And if you cannot change this, then someday among the people of the future there will only be legends about some white race of oppressors that once existed.

Russian version of the article «Most oppressed minority»: «Самое угнетаемое меньшинство»