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Anarchists teach whites to serve blacks

Anarchists teach whites to serve blacks. «Dear Whites at the Black Lives Matter Protests» is the title of an article dedicated to teaching whites to serve blacks.

A similar publication was published by the «Federation of Anarchists» from the United States during the protests after the death of drug addict George Floyd. Date of publication — June 10, 2020. They call themselves anarchists, but they are actually anarcho-communists. They have prepared a whole list of what is right and what is wrong.

  • Take time to find black protest organizers, take your time to call your white demonstration
  • Hear what blacks say in demonstrations, don’t go on stage to share your white opinions
  • Make posters and banners with the slogans of the BLM movement, do not use them to advertise your political group
  • Use your resources to suggest to blacks: bottles of water and food, offer to become a medic, police officer or legal watcher, teach blacks how to do this, don’t come and start selling your newspaper
  • Insult your white friends for their racism and bad things, do not argue about «devil’s advocates» with your black friends
  • Don’t start yelling “fuck the police” if no one else does. Join the shouts of «fuck the police» if the blacks start
  • Give your money to groups with black leaders, persuade your group and colleagues to do the same. Don’t brag about it to black friends

This is just a fraction of what the anarchists suggest to white people. The full list will be in the screenshots below. Yes, some kind of allowance for slaves or servants. Voluntary slavery. Red anarchists teach whites to serve blacks, the left is not surprising, they always want to be slaves to someone, to fight for what they call freedom. But their “freedom” is total censorship, the advantage of some groups over others, terrorism and other things.

I especially laughed at the point about teaching blacks any skills. They themselves understand that their black leaders are complete idiots and can do nothing. Normal blacks also support it.

Leftists: pfft, nobody wants to make whites slaves
Also left: to wait on blacks and do whatever they want