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Left hate in Charlottesville

Left hate in Charlottesville. The story is about a guy who decided to go against the system of censorship and rewriting of history. He decided to defend the memory of his ancestors and therefore came to Charlottesville.

Allen Armentraut was 21 years old. In 2017, he came to Charlottesville when he learned that they wanted to demolish a monument to Confederate General Robert Lee. He arrived at the monument and stood silently in the uniform of a Confederate soldier.

He was immediately attacked by people who wanted to pretend that they were victims. They started screaming like wild animals — «Damn racist, go home!» Instead of the word «damn» there was actually a checkmate, but I replaced it. I would not be surprised if soon they will also shout to all whites: «Charlottesville is for blacks only!» Xenophobia towards whites is rapidly gaining momentum.

Then from the supporters of «kindness» and «peace», who are actually left-wing radicals, thousands of messages were poured on Facebook, in which they wished him dead. Yes, poor insulted. He was also expelled from Pensacola College Christian School.

Those who were not indifferent helped him raise money to study at another college. During the day, we managed to collect about 2 thousand dollars. But GoFoundMe decided to promote terror against Allen and simply removed the page in support of him. They appropriated the money for themselves.

Charlottesville is a small town in the United States with a population of over 40 thousand people. It was formed in 1762. The fact that left hate in Charlottesville occurred despite its small population only confirms that among Americans, ideas of leftist hatred towards dissent are very common. Do you still consider the United States a democratic country? She’s not like that anymore. Now, only those views are permissible here, which are allowed by those in power. As in the USSR straight.