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Was Adolf Hitler Jewish?

Was Adolf Hitler Jewish? This question is heard more and more often when it comes to such a famous person as Adolf Hitler. Some have not heard about this and are surprised: “How? Is Hitler a Jew? » That is why I decided to write this article.

Was Adolf Hitler Jewish?

Not at all. This statement is false. Moreover, it is already about 100 years old. It was an invention of his opponents, the Social Democrats, who inflated it in order to undermine the authority of Adolf Hitler. This was self-evident, since he was the leader of the movement that was their main enemy — the National Socialists. Or rather the NSDAP party.

Nobody believed in this lie then; it had practically no effect. Now this myth continues to conquer the Internet and all sorts of pseudo-historians from the Odnoklassniki social network constantly publish it in their Back to the USSR groups and in groups with a similar name.

Especially often in this lie there is a stuffing that he allegedly had the surname Schickelgruber. It seems like this, if I’m not mistaken in writing. This lie is believed much less often, but still some believe. You know, he never had such a surname. Besides, I’m not even sure if she is of Jewish origin.

25% Jewish blood

The myth is also often spread that he had 25% Jewish blood. There are a lot of these myths. They also spread information that supposedly not only Hitler, but also other leaders of the Third Reich had Jewish blood. I’m not sure about this, most likely it’s the same lie, but I don’t know for sure.

To begin with, this is also a lie. Note that there are many different statements about the leaders of the Third Reich that have no evidence base. This is one of them, and if I am not mistaken, appeared at the same moment as the assertion that Hitler was a Jew, that is, about 100 years ago during the struggle between the Social Democrats and the NSDAP.

By the way, I didn’t know this before and believed that he had 25% Jewish blood. More precisely, 50 to 50. I was not sure of this, but mentioned it in a dispute with one of the communists. To which he answered me: «But still he was a Jew!» I often hear this from the left. «Pushkin had 1/8 of Negro blood, so he is a Negro !!!» and similar nonsense. The fact that he allegedly has 25% Jewish blood does not negate the fact that 75% of his blood is different.

Actually, I don’t understand something. Even if he had this Jewish blood, what difference does that make? This rumor was spread at a time when negative attitudes towards Jews were widespread in order to deprive Hitler of voters. Why repeat this now? That is, the opponents of the Reich are themselves haters of Jews, because they believe that the fact that he allegedly had 25% of Jewish blood makes him worse.