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How Leftist Propaganda Works in Film and Literature

An article on how leftist propaganda works in cinema and literature. Today this is especially relevant, since if earlier it was more veiled, today it is visible to the naked eye. And more and more often people begin to notice this propaganda, it is naturally unpleasant for them. This is especially true in the United States, as there are a lot of Jews who profit from white people. In addition, the United States is now a stronghold of leftist ideas, precisely because of the same Jews. It is noteworthy that the Biden administration is entirely Jewish. They are no longer even hiding.

But there are also people who are especially vulnerable to this propaganda, therefore they do not oppose it. We are talking primarily about adolescents 12-13 years old or so, who do not really have their own thinking. But after watching or reading this propaganda, they get it. Only this is not their thinking, it is thinking imposed by leftist propaganda. In addition to adolescents, gullible people are very vulnerable against this, who cannot even imagine that there can be propaganda through cinema.

This propaganda is aimed primarily at the emotions of people. They do not try to influence intelligence. They try to influence exactly stupid people, since there are much more of them than smart people, for this they use their emotions. Try to evoke pity, sympathy, and other emotions. There is no need for them to influence smart people, since now democracy is very widespread. In a democracy, votes are not weighed, they are simply counted. In other words, the voices of 10 absolutely stupid people are now more valuable than the voice of one, but very smart person.

How Leftist Propaganda Works in Film and Literature

The worst thing is that even one can get used to leftist propaganda and regard it as something normal and natural. This is especially evident in the example of Netflix fans. It would seem outright propaganda, why watch this? But people are already used to it, for them it is natural, they watch it often. If you try to convey to them that they are simply being brainwashed, they will take it personally, thinking that you are trying to offend their preferences, and therefore themselves. They were also imposed on them ideas like “my body is my business”, “my life is my rules” and others, which contribute to the fact that these people become selfish and stop reckoning with other people’s opinions. For them it is no longer important, for them only their own opinion matters. But the funny thing is, for these selfish zombies with a sense of self-importance, this only works one way. That is, they are not going to pay attention to others, but will require others to reckon with their opinion.

How leftist propaganda works in literature

How Leftist Propaganda Works in Film and Literature

Let’s start with literature. Previously, it was more difficult to promote leftist ideas among reading people, especially since there was no cinema, there were books, but not everyone read. Therefore, it was very difficult. Now there is a movie. It is much easier for people to watch films and TV shows, they are too lazy to read books, because leftist ideas move. Although among reading people today it is much easier to promote all sorts of nonsense, since there are much more stupid books unworthy of other people’s attention than really good literature.

Well, of course, stupid books are not only overwhelmed with numbers, but also more publicized. Go to some literature site today, and there are basically all sorts of novels, fantasy and other books that differ from each other only in title and cover. Although even the titles with covers are not so different. All this is rather primitive, the only thing that such a book can give is emotions. And no more. No development, no improvement in vocabulary, or anything else.

Books about the Holocaust and related topics are especially highly publicized. This is another story. You know, it’s interesting that there are a lot of such fictional or semi-fictional stories, and for some reason, no books with the evidence base of the Holocaust are visible. But those who read this kind of nonsense will not think about it. They will read, agree, put aside part of the book in memory and forget about it.

Personally, from a young age, I ignored this literature, these films, articles and other materials. All these “Based on true events” and other phrases caused me terrible disgust. If I touched upon such an important and interesting subject as history, then I studied it from real information, and did not read all these books, which are almost completely invented. But connoisseurs of such cheap things will hardly agree with me. They will say, they say, “And what is it about something that is partially invented? Doesn’t it say otherwise?» Yes, it does not say the opposite, but it does not say where the truth is and where the lie is. In addition, no one has canceled the possibility that our brain will simply confuse this information and collect fiction and reality into one whole.

Now a small description, after all, this is the item “How left propaganda works in literature”, and not the item “Why you shouldn’t read books about history”. The propaganda in literature and cinema is very similar. Everything works according to the same principle — to show one idea good, another bad. Perhaps not only an idea, but also certain groups of people, and so on. Again, everything works on people’s emotions. For me, books with leftist propaganda look like this — initially we are given an idea, and then throughout the book there are exaggerated inventions that serve as proof of this idea. At the same time, the plot suffers greatly, since the emphasis is not on it, but on this idea.

I want to give an example of one very overrated dummy that I read a few years ago. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. I was just beginning to actively read books, but this book killed my desire to read. I became disillusioned with books, believing that all books are the same mediocrity. It took me a month. And all because she disgusted me and did not want to read it. But I didn’t want to give up and tried to read it in full. The book was terrible. Probably the worst thing I’ve ever read. Lots of water. There’s just incredible amount of water. If I’m not mistaken, there was an entire chapter devoted to some completely unrelated aggressive old woman. Why add this?

How Leftist Propaganda Works in Film and Literature

There is no plot at all. A clear example of what I wrote above. The idea is given that blacks are good and many whites are bad. All whites then could not yet be called bad, after all, there was a more right-wing society then, everyone would have noticed the ardent propaganda. And then there are “arguments” in favor of this idea. Firstly, it is about a good housekeeper or who she was there, who worked for the family of the protagonist. Secondly, it is said about a terrible white man in all, whose family was bad. Thirdly, at the trial, white people are shown in a bad light, who won the trial only because of their skin color. Fourth, the accused was shown as the most ideal person. You can go on and on.

All this is exaggerated as much as possible, this Harper does not even try to make the book resemble reality. She writes the most overt propaganda. But then there was a time when such propaganda was actively promoted, so it naturally became a bestseller. This is one of those cases when the mass consumption is an indicator that this “creativity” is low-grade. Sometimes I wonder how people are ready to consume slop, just to be considered fashionable among the same consumers of slop.

This book is also very well received by critics. I mean not reviews on the Internet, but critics. But this is not surprising. Critics need to express their opinions, but it often happens that they try to live up to expectations rather than write what they really think. It’s the same here.

How leftist propaganda works in cinema

How Leftist Propaganda Works in Film and Literature

Now about the movie. Now society has become more leftist, and therefore the propaganda has intensified. Now leftist propaganda works not only with these «arguments» in favor of any idea, but also uses images. That is, blacks in the movies are often in the image of some kind of leaders, scientists, and so on. In general, they have positive images, they are exposed as cool heroes. Whites, on the other hand, are presented in a bad light. Whites are often in the role of villains, or simply in the form of negative people.

Let me give you an example. Recently I watched the movie «Dawn of the Dead», it was about a group of people taking refuge in a shopping center during the zombie apocalypse. 2004 film. The Negro was in the guise of a man who had previously worked as a policeman. He is shown as a tough person who wants to help his brother, and indeed a very good person. Whites, who are the guards in this shopping center, are shown in a bad light. Especially their leader. There is also propaganda for mixing races.

How Leftist Propaganda Works in Film and Literature

Now in the cinema propaganda is not only related to races, but also to orientations. This refers to LGBT propaganda. Same-sex couples are shown as nice and funny people who differ only in orientation and nothing more. But in reality they are mentally unbalanced people, often drug addicts and AIDS carriers. There can be no question of any love at all, since statistics show that patients with homosexuality have a huge number of partners.

Let me summarize. Films and literature with leftist propaganda are very different from reality. Blacks in films are cute and fluffy, and in crime statistics they commit a huge percentage of crimes, while being a minority. And teenagers confuse reality with fiction because of this movie, and therefore succumb to leftist ideas.

Speaking of minorities. Blacks are a minority in the United States, but in some films and TV shows there are so many of them that it seems as if the film was filmed not in the USA, but in Africa. Recently, new tolerant requirements for the participants in the Oscar have come out. Perhaps it will soon come to the point that whites will not be in the cinema at all.

Do you know what’s really weird? Jews constantly declare that the Holocaust is the most terrible tragedy for them, which they cannot remember. But at the same time, they themselves make films about him, write books. Or they promote such “creativity” with propaganda from other people, they don’t even oppose it. So is it really a tragedy for them? I don’t think it’s rather just a way of empowering people, making money and so on.

How Leftist Propaganda Works in Film and Literature

Such an image of the Third Reich is widespread, supposedly the most terrible place in which frank propaganda is everywhere. Cinema is no exception. Promote the image of Joseph Goebbels as the worst propaganda genius. Only bad luck — in the Third Reich there were only a few films with propaganda, the rest did not appear. And if you look closely at how leftist propaganda works in cinema now, we will see it in almost all films.

Films for outright idiots are especially popular now. All sorts of dummies called comedies. It feels like they are all made according to the same scheme — «The worse the better», or «The dumber the better.» At the same time, drug use, drinking alcohol and other bad qualities are especially common there. Black humor is also common. But black humor can only affect whites, joking about the same Holocaust is considered something unacceptable.