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Homosexuality is not innate

Homosexuality is not innate. It is a fact. But this fact is constantly being challenged. They do this mainly in two ways: pseudoscientific «research» and propaganda. Therefore, I decided to write this article to refute this lie. In the course of the article I will try to attach links to proofs of my words, that is, links to source sites. I am not a scientist, and therefore I believe that links to evidence are required. Especially for distrustful LGBT supporters. But I’m not sure that even after this article, they will agree with the truth. But this is not important, since the article is written for those who have not yet been brainwashed.

I often hear such statements:

  • «They just love each other.»
  • «It’s not their fault that they were born this way»
  • «Orientation is from birth and cannot be changed»
  • «Homosexuality is not considered a disease»
  • Other

This is very annoying. It’s not even the statements themselves that get bored, but rather the fact that they are absolutely seriously trying to defend the nonsense that was imposed on them.

“We just want to live like everyone else”

This is just one of many examples of what will happen if you “feed a wolf from your hand”. The rhetoric of LGBT activists was constantly changing, the demands were constantly growing. At first, they simply “wanted to live like everyone else,” now they hold LGBT parades, to which children are invited, propagandize LGBT among children, organize actions related to LGBT and not only. They call their opponents haters and in other words, pointing out their alleged cruelty and so on. But they themselves are now poisoning those who disagree, depriving them of their jobs, and so on. Very arrogant and hypocritical creatures.

The phrase “now is the 21st century” especially irritates me. I have devoted a separate article to this phrase. Yes, now is the 21st century — a century when the degrading parts of society have united against normal people, making normal people abnormal. The age when ideology is put above science, promoting all sorts of pseudoscientific theories like gender sciences and other nonsense. Terrible age.

For example, in our country, LGBT people are now also trying to assert themselves. McDonald’s opposed homosexuality, homosexuals were naturally opposed. They called it a scandal and so on, but McDonald’s just advocated traditional values. Although fast food and traditional values are not the same, and not even close to each other, the desire of LGBT supporters to silence those who disagree with them is only remarkable.

Also recently, tolerance rules will appear on Twitch, which very much restricted people. Soon they will also start promoting pedophilia. More precisely, some especially advanced ones have already started, but so far this is not massive.

Their logic is especially interesting. They argue that it is possible to fight opponents of LGBT people, since it is not normal to be an opponent of a disease called homosexuality. Wow, only here you are not normal for LGBT opponents either, we don’t even have arguments in favor of your abnormality, and not pseudoscientific nonsense, like you do.

«They love each other»

In this paragraph I will use statistics from my publication “A selection of statistics and facts against LGBT people”. There is also an item “Why homosexuality was removed from the list of diseases”, by the way. There are links to sources in that publication.

Probably, for them, the reason for considering human relationships as love is the presence of sexual intercourse. More precisely, their similarities, since we are not hermaphrodites. I disagree with this, love is something more serious. And the presence of a large number of sexual partners only proves that there is no love among homosexuals.

From an article with statistics: (Подборка статистики и фактов против ЛГБТ)

  • «25% of sodomites in the United States have had more than 1000 sexual partners in their entire life.»
  • «43% of sodomites in the United States declared more than 500 sexual partners»
  • «From 10 to 15% of old sodomites declared more than 1000 sexual partners»
  • «79% of sodomites said half of their sex partners were strangers.»
  • «In Australia, 25% of sodomites had more than 100 sexual partners»
  • «Sodomites are much less prone to monogamy than straight people.»
  • «Married» / «married» sodomites in sodom «couples» are 2 times more prone to divorce than heterosexuals «
  • “In the Netherlands, the average sodomite in a“ stable monogamous relationship ”changes on average 7-8 times a year”

«Homosexuals are born, not become»

First, a few materials. An article with the opinion of the psychiatrist Jan Goland on homosexuality ( Evidence in favor of the innateness of homosexuality (post with Pikabu, but still, News from 2016 about how scientists from the countries of the «West» denied the presence of the gene for homosexuality ( The article “Is homosexual attraction innate?” With a bunch of sources (more than 200) ( Swedish Twins Study Rejecting Genetic Roots of Homosexuality (in English,

Although I have indicated several serious arguments against this statement, but these are only references to other people’s work, I also want to paint in my own words to prove that homosexuality is not innate.

To begin with, we are still not hermaphrodites and our bodies are only meant for heterosexual reproduction. Let’s go further. There is no gene for homosexuality. Pseudoscientific studies trying to prove the presence of such a gene are ludicrous. Some other studies suggest that genes are only hypothesized to matter, but otherwise the environment and other factors are important. (Ответы на основные аргументы ЛГБТ-активистов)

It is also interesting that homosexuality was removed from the list of diseases not because of any scientific advances, but because of the collusion of LGBT supporters. That is, in fact, it is still a disease.

  • 99.8% of pickers, sodomites and bisexuals among adolescents tend to change their orientation within 13 years
  • 88% of “children suffering from gender dysphoria” get rid of it at an older age. “Transgender children” is a brainwashing product for children
  • Only 12% of boys who called themselves “transgender” remained so into adulthood
  • Transsexuals who were originally men, even after “gender reassignment”, are aroused by women
  • 80% of “transgender children” end up being transgender after years
  • Sodomites are victims of adult sodomites: 46% of sodomites reported being bullied by adults, while only 7% of heterosexual adults reported such incidents

It is noteworthy that patients with homosexuality have other problems: an increased tendency to drugs and alcohol, suicide, mental problems and more. Also, many of them become serial killers. In fact, homosexuality is a disease that is closely related to other diseases.

Recently, the results of a poll from the office of Gallup were shown, which showed the percentage of homosexuals among people by age. The percentage of homosexuals among the younger population is much higher due to propaganda, nothing else can explain it.

Homosexuality is not innate

But you can observe this yourself, even in our country, the Russian Federation. Recently, there are many feminists, homosexuals and others among teenagers. And all this is precisely because of propaganda.

This concludes the article “Homosexuality is not innate”.