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Where will the harness of the books burn people?

Where will the harness of the books burn people? He recently came across this phrase, she sounds like this: «Where the books begin to burn, sooner or later they will begin to burn people.» The statement is so ridiculous that I just could not pass by and decided to write an article on this topic. Moreover, someone else perceives this nonsense.

This phrase now presents the burning of literature in the Third Reich, although the phrase was told before the Second World War. It is noteworthy that she told her Jew, who Karl Marx called to write poems for the benefit of the propaganda of his ideas. Only here, the Jews allegedly destroyed with gas, isn’t it? Perhaps you already decide how they were destroyed? And after the war, many of these fictions were, one of which is that from the Jews allegedly did soap. Well, okay, why discuss liars.

There is even a book «Book Thief». This is a book that came out in 2005 after the inept writer Marcus Zusak read a lot propaganda from Ernest Hemingway and decided to start writing his propaganda. This book, naturally, has become popular. Since any nonsense becomes popular if certain ideas are imposed. So here is the same. Marcus naturally was very appreciated. Now many people do not cause respect for people use a trick with the «terrible Nazis» to advance. Including Putin, for example. He has all the policies on this. And this already suggests that the bikes about the «terrible Nazis» say not the best people.

There is, by the way, even the screenplay. You can easily understand that this story for idiots. Stumbled upon a «review» dedicated to this film. The author only listed the events of the movie, wrote about her connection with the book, praised, calling excellent and that’s it. I could not even argue why it is worth looking. What is this review?

But we will not be about the book, it is just mention. Let’s come back to the phrase itself. When I saw her, she caused me bewilderment: «Where will the harness of the books burn people? And how is it generally connected? «. Yes, no Just fiction, no more. Next, I would like to write about the double standards that are related to this phrase.

In the publication of the left and freedom of speech, I wrote that the USSR had a total censorship and the fight against dissent, including in the field of literature. And if the propaganda of communism, homosexuality and other infection burned in Reich, then in the USSR, any dissent and inconsistency of the ideology of communism were destroyed. And any book was supposed to praise communism. Now we have a «list of extremist materials», where in addition to materials that really need to be prohibited, dissent is added. Moreover, not only books, but also videos, images, lyrics, songs and more come there. Oh yeah, this is the other, it was impossible to destroy the Socialists in Germany in Germany, in the Russian Federation and the USSR can, double standards.

USA. From 1801 to 1900, there was a traverse of freedom of a printed word, «Comstock Law». The law is really good, was needed to combat obscene literature. But the fact remains a fact — the fight against literature was also. In September 2010, the US Department of Defense and missed and burned the entire circulation of the book «Operation Dark Heart».

This phrase is now not particularly actively used. Probably because in many (if not in all) countries have prohibited books.