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Thoughtcrime: the left’s struggle with freedom of speech

Thoughtcrime: the struggle of the left with freedom of speech. The article puts the goal to tell about how those who consider themselves the main supporters of freedoms, a in particular and freedom of speech, fight against freedom of speech. Initially, I did not plan to specify links to sources of information, but I decided to specify them, since the information is very much and it can cause any interest in someone. It will also be well the fact that in the future I will not have to answer requests with a request to share the source. When writing, it tried to give as many specific examples as possible, rather than writing any unverified information.

Now there is a serious difference in the possibilities of distribution information. I mean, now many sources of information (at least in the Russian Federation) in the hands of the state. Also, they are enough in the hands of our left opponents. That is, accordingly, the articles with criticism they write about their opponents. We, right, articles mainly apply through social networks and messengers: VKontakte, Telegram and others. Accordingly, articles like this is extremely hard to find, if possible. No, we, of course, have some publications, but they are not popular. I hope that someday this problem will be solved.

What is a Thoughtcrime?

Мыслепреступление: борьба левых со свободой слова

Thoughtcrime — the kind of crime from the book «1984», written by George Orwell — Writer from the UK. It’s funny that his book was devoted to totalitarian regimes, given that with freedom of speech today are actively fighting and not in totalitarian countries. It is noteworthy that Orwell was left and supported democratic socialism, I am right.

Don’t you see that the main goal of Novoya is to narrow the range Human thinking? We will achieve in the end that criminal thinking It will be impossible — there will be no words for his expression. Any concept can be Will express just one word. Its meaning will be severely defined, and all Side values ​​erased and forgotten. In the eleventh edition, we are close to this. Although, of course, this work will continue many more years after my And your death. Every year it will be less and less words and, accordingly The range of human consciousness will decrease. Of course, and now there is neither Causes, nor justify criminal thinking. This is a question of self-discipline, Control over reality. But in the end, it will not be necessary.

George Orwell, «1984»

The right to freedom of speech is spelled out in many important documents of different countries.

Article 19. Each person has the right to freedom of conviction and on their free expression; This right includes freedom to unhindered to adhere to their beliefs and freedom to look for, receive and disseminate information and ideas by any means and regardless of state borders.
Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Article 10. Everyone has the right to freely express its opinion. This right includes freedom to adhere to his opinion and freedom to receive and disseminate information and ideas without any interference from the public authorities and regardless of state borders.
European Convention on Human Rights

Article 19, paragraph 1. Everyone is guaranteed freedom of thought and words.
Constitution of the Russian Federation

Article 34. Everyone is guaranteed by the right to freedom of thought and words, on the free expression of their views and beliefs.
Constitution of Ukraine

Article 33. Everyone is guaranteed freedom of opinions, beliefs and their free expression.
Constitution of Belarus

Also in many such documents, a guarantee of freedom of mass media and a ban on censorship are prescribed. In the Constitution of the Russian Federation, this article 29, paragraph 5. But at the same time, we know that TV channels there are stop-lists that limit the affected topics invited people and so on. [1]

Today there is also a huge number of restrictions on this very freedom of speech. For example, there is an article of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation 282 «Excitation of hatred or hostility», which can get a variety of statements. For her you can lose freedom for a period of two to five years only at the first point. That is, you can put for several years for comments on the Internet. It’s funny that the receipt of a bribe may threaten the deprivation of freedom to three years (Criminal Code, article 290, paragraph 1). That is, you can get more for a comment than for a bribe. For trafficking in persons (Criminal Code, Article 127, paragraph 1) gives approximately the same amount to 6 years.

There is also such an article as the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation 354.1 (the rehabilitation of Nazism). She implies punishment for criticizing the USSR, or rather for the activities of the USSR during World War II. Under this article can get anything, including the criticism of Stalin.

And this is only a part of how the freedom of speech is listed today. Historically, censorship arose in the times of the oldest civilizations. So the Ashurbanipal removed the clinp signs from his library, the content of which he did not like. Roman censorship actively acted at the time of the Empire. Emperor Julian, nicknamed Christians «apostate», in short years of his dominion (361-363) destroyed many Christian texts; Christians, in turn, mercilessly burned the compositions of the ancient pagans. Starting from the V century, the Roman Church was lists of prohibited books. [2]

Thoughtcrime in the 21st century

Мыслепреступление: борьба левых со свободой слова

Today, pseudo-democratic regimes love to declare us that democracy is good, this is freedom and so on. They also love to talk about the fact that freedom of speech at the height is not the fact that during terrible monarchies and other modes. But it is natural not so. Censorship and the fight against freedom of speech today, perhaps even more active than, let’s say, 200 years ago, as new sources of information have appeared, in particular the Internet, which in our time more than 4 billion people are used, that is more than half of the entire population. Social networks also use practically the same people. [3]

One of the most «forbidden» groups constantly suffering from pressure on them, censorship and so on — right. Nationalists, conservatives and others. Earlier, I tried to buy articles in which there would be a link to my site, but all this failed. Refused to me because I am a nationalist. But after all, my site is not even blocked, how is it? He also tried to add to one directory of sites, there they also denied, allegedly my site violates the legislation. But I repeat, my site is not blocked.

This year and at the end of 2020 there were 2 events that have proven that there is no justice in the US. The first event is the dishonest victory of Joe Bayden. As it goes in one of the songs of Pavel Plaplaceeva, «there are no living left, it means to get up dead.» So with the elections, at which even the dead were voted for Joe Bayden. Probably, too good president. [4]

Under the second event, I mean the death of George Floyd from the overdose of drugs. Then, many media accused the soverene in this Derek, stating that he strangled him, putting his foot on the neck. After the process, the supporters of the «poor killed» Negro Floyd began to smash everything around, at the same time the world learned about such a phenomenon as Black Lives Matter — a criminal association, which is supported by the left and left-liberal media. After that, the knee in honor of these most criminals began. Police simply betrayed.

Derek just performed his work. For this he can get 40 years in prison. This is the first time when in Minnesota, the White Policeman was brought to justice for the murder of the Negro. He was recognized guilty of all points. [5] As later it turned out, Floyd could not breathe due to the fact that his lungs emitted because of drugs and weighed two to three times more than the norm. In his blood, methamphetamine and fentanyl was discovered. [6] Later and at all came the video of arrests taken on the camera of one of the police. The video shows that Floyd behaves strangely, as drug addicts behave. He also lies about the presence of a claustrophobia, when he wants to put him in a police car, although before that he was sitting in his car and everything was fine. [7][8][9][10]

In some news of Derek, they also wanted to blame, speaking about the number of complaints about him (they were 18, if not mistaken). But it fades against the background of George Floyd’s biography. In the 90s tried to be a rapper. He was arrested for an attempt to theft, robbery, was in prison for the storage of drugs, robbed a pregnant woman in her house. [11] And this bastard created the image of the hero, sadly. This is what the tolerance leads. Wikipedia calls himself a free encyclopedia, but in the Russian version of Wikipedia article about Derek Sovina is closed for editing. In the same place, it is exhibited in a negative light, the information there is at all — a lie. Another example of the fact that Wikipedia is used for political purposes. But if you will be against this lies, that is, doing thoughtcrime, you can run, dismiss, and not only. For example, football players removed from the matches for refusing to knee before criminals from BLM. [12] Also made Daniel Knat, the pilot of Formula 1. [13]

Recently, on April 21, Kamala Harris wrote the following in Twitter: «We are all part of George Floyd heritage. And now our task is to honor this heritage and Floyd.» Yes, really unbiased. [14]

Мыслепреступление: борьба левых со свободой слова

The co-founder of Facebook Dustin Moskovitz has invested more than $ 5 million into a network of non-profit organizations, which leader Blm Patriss Callores leader. Also recently Facebook subjected to Thoughtcrime censorship, which represents articles about the BLM activist. [22]

Recently there was a small scandal with the book Nikita Zhukov «Modicin. Encyclopedia Pathological «. She did not like the supporters of «progressive» values, in particular LGBT and they announced the boycott of the author himself, as well as several publications. The publication «Labyrinth» went on them. I do not understand why, because people usually do not develop, what kind of buying books can we talk about? The bottom line is that the gays did not like how they are called a mature word, which means «gay». They do not like that they are so called and they require to ban it, but at the same time call opponents of LGBT «Homophobia». We also do not like what is called homophobes, as this is not a phobia at all, but LGBT supporters do not care, they only think about themselves. I am glad that the «AST» edition still did not support the ban on thoughtcrime and made it for freedom of speech. [15][16]

By the way about LGBT movement. Because of the sick homosexuality in Iowa sentenced to more than 16 years of Adolfo Martinez prison, which is simply pitching LGBT flag that hung near the church. [17] By the way, recently, the Secretary of State Anthony Blinken essentially recognized the flag of LGBT by the second flag of the United States and allowed the US diplomatic posts around the world to post the LGBT flag on the same flagpole as the US flag. [21]

The left is constantly trying to ban everything that they do not like, even if they are in the minority. Because of their arrogance, including fans of games, and the anime fans are suffering. [18][19] suffer, by the way, even one of the most popular games. For example, GTA. The claim is that there are prostitutes in the game, which you can kill. Allegedly, it teaches men in the wrong attitude with women. [20]

We will touch on another important topic — education. After World War II, the number of universities increased greatly. For example, in the United States for thirty-year-old years, the number of universities has grown from 40 to 600. The key point was that universities captured supporters of left and left-liberal ideas. In this invested huge money, serious efforts were spent. There was a club of «New York Intellectuals», which was a gymnaste of left, who controlled the cultural life of American megacities in 50-60 years. They had a magazine «Partisan Review», once organ of the United States Communist Party. What direction did this magician move, says one of the slogans: «White Race is a cancer tumor of human history» (Partisan Review, Winter, 1967). Slogan belongs to feminist Susan umbrella. [23]

The list of university courses in Berkeley includes the following educational programs today: «Reading Marx today», «American deception: Race, ethnicity and dreams about progress», «Eco-crisis and climate refugees», and, also «Is the rebellion useless?». Not surprising, considering that among the professors of history in Berkeley per conservative accounts for 33 liberals, and among professors of literature, the percentage of liberals reaches 98-and. So today are things in the «forge of American new left». It is this state of affairs should, according to Soros, will be established everywhere. Starting from the 90s. The Soros Foundation is actively active and in Russia. In total, from 1995 to 2003, the Open Society Foundation Soros has invested more than $ 1 billion to educational. Publishing programs in Russia and grants that received 64.5 thousand teachers, professors and students. The Foundation sponsored writing new textbooks (including for Moscow State University), procurement of books from publishers and delivery to library funds. [23]

That is, the fight against criminal thinking is carried out not only due to censorship, but also due to mass flushing of the brain. American schools rewor their programs and include another propaganda — discussion of «inevitable racism». Guess, what will we talk about? Only about white. On Amazon platform more and more books with propaganda for children. [24] I do not think that the National Socialists in the Third Reich did so much propaganda as the left and left-liberals today do in the United States and other countries.

Have you known that you can get an award of freedom of speech for reinforced censorship? Here is Susan Vochitski, the CEO of Youtube Smog to do it. It’s funny that in advertising she says the following: «We delete content that violates our rules. You can go too far, and it can turn into censorship, so we worked a lot to find out how to properly balance responsibility with the freedom of speech.» [25]

In Germany, thoughtcrime is gaining momentum, because active struggle is underway with it. We are talking about a constant struggle in the form of a cleaning of the army from people of right views and not only. A month ago, the party «Alternative for Germany» took control and officially announced that they were suspected of right extremism. Now they will be listening to, intercept correspondence and not only. Fighting extremism is only an excuse to strangle the opposition. [26] Earlier, I wrote that the alternative for Germany is constantly exposed to terror. In 2019, an explosion occurred near the office of the ADG party, as a result of which the buildings were damaged and several cars. [27] In the same year, an attack was made at the party members of the ADG Frank Magneta. People attacked him in masks and hoods. He was lucky that he stayed alive. [28]

In Spain, the voice «Voice» («VOX») made a poster, which was the inscription that migrants receive payments 10 times more than Spanish retirees. Because of this, the fair comments were convicted, accusing in hatred and discrimination. [29]

According to the RubanList website in the register of prohibited sites in Russian Federation, more than 220,000 thousand sites, of which almost 150,000 continue to work. Most blocking due to the trial, more than 84,000, the Ministry of Communications, about 19,000, FTS, more than 84,000 and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, more than 18,000. The most blocked sites are blogs, political parties, individuals and local non-state organizations, more precisely their sites. [48]

You could seem that I collected as much information as possible to make the visibility of the mass of such events, but no. This is just a very small part. Simply usually do not write about such events only if it is beneficial for them, such as publications in the Russian media, in which the United States and other countries are exhibited in negative light.

Thoughtcrime and History

Interesting, but thoughtcrime may not always be linked with the present, but also with the past. We are talking about history. In this area, also dominate the supporters of the left ideas. Even here they are ready to fight with an objectionable opinion. Jews are dominated here, or rather the Zionists who use the story for their own purposes to achieve the benefit. We are talking about the Holocaust.

Мыслепреступление: борьба левых со свободой слова

There are people who do not believe that the Holocaust really happened. Their name is revisionists. Interestingly, they can be imprisoned only because they adhere to such an opinion. That’s really thoughtcrime. Interestingly, the struggle with such «criminals» is supported by the UN and ECHR. In Austria, it is possible to obtain up to 10 years, with special cases at all up to 20 years. In Germany up to 5 years.

Justify the struggle with a look at the story of «fighting crime against humanity» and so on. This is only a pretext. After all, if National Socialism is so terrible, as they say, I see no reason to ban his «justification», because people will not support the idea that brings only horror. It’s funny that those countries that want to fight crimes against humanity do not prohibit communism, which brought a huge number of victims. Only in some communism is prohibited. What kind of double standards? Or why not prohibit the justification of Napoleon, for example?

A resident of Britain was planted for writing on the Internet that Jews control everything that could be. The name is her Alison Chashlosis. [30] More double standards. Why in many countries is prohibited by the denial of the Holocaust, but is not prohibited by the denial of the merit of the USSR during the Second World War? Perhaps we are also a shame that our merits are underestimated. And why in the USA and other countries there are Jewish organizations engaged in the fight against anti-Semitism, but no organizations that oppose Russophobia?

Not so long ago, the Holocaust Russian Professor Vladimir Matveyev. A criminal case was brought against him. He stated that the Jews were killed in much smaller quantities rather than those talking about. He was also fired. [31] was also condemned for this former intelligence officer in Romania. He was at that time 74 years old. [33]

Мыслепреступление: борьба левых со свободой слова

Interestingly, supporters of «fighting crimes against humanity» themselves do not mind committing inhuman crimes against their opponents. On March 18, 1978, in his car, together with his wife, the enemy of the Holocaust Francois Duprat was blown up by Zionists. It was the first person killed because of the revision of the Holocaust. [32]

One of the Holocaust revisionist was Udo Valendi — German, who believes that the Holocaust is only a lie aimed against his homeland. But the government did not appreciate his patriotism. He was born in 1927 in Berlin. [34]

Мыслепреступление: борьба левых со свободой слова

Interesting fact. In 2011, one Fox News browser was convicted in the United States for spoke out against Soros. He called him a doll that uses money to promote the left propaganda and overthrow of the government. In response, 400 rabbis from the United States wrote a letter to the leadership with a request to punish it for this thoughtcrime. Interestingly, the rabbis letter stated that it was unacceptable to address the images of the Holocaust for political purposes. [35] That is, the Jews themselves can use these images to benefit, and others are impossible? This is not the first conflict of Jews with Fox News. This year, Treker condemned ADL for decided to discuss great substitution. Tucker said that the Democrats will bring migrants in order to increase the number of people voting for them. Management has encouraged him. [36]

A few days ago, Clubhouse (new social network) closed several «rooms», which were named anti-Semitic. And all due to the fact that people simply expressed their opinion. But this thoughtcrime was still stopped. They discussed the fact that the Jews control the federal reserve system are responsible for negotiable and so on. [37]

In February 2021, the right parliamentarian in the Netherlands stated that the processes against the Germans in Nünrberg were «nonligitim», that is, illegal. His statements shocked the Zionists. [38] It reminds about three American lawyers and lawyers who opposed injustice in Nuremberg. One of them said that he was shocked by the methods of obtaining «confessions» from the Germans. He said that they contained several months in a single chamber without windows, without the possibility of gymnastic exercises. They fed only twice a day and did not give anyone to talk. They were broken along the face, knocked out their teeth and broke his jaws. And not only. [39]

Many also pay attention to the 19th point of the Charter of the Tribunal, which indicates that the court is not related to the rules of evidence and this is a rapid proceeding. [40]

Мыслепреступление: борьба левых со свободой слова

If you think that the Holocaust deny everything, but not Jews, then you are mistaken. For example, in 2006, a conference was held in Tehran (Iran), which was conducted by the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The conference was dedicated to the Holocaust. The initiator of the conference was Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who considers the Holocaust myth. At that conference there were many Jews. They said that the Germans did not create any devices and cameras for the destruction of Jews. But at the same time, they suggest that against the Jews really fought, but by other methods, in no way destruction. There were not only Jews there. Iran conducted this conference to protect freedom of speech. [41]

By the way about the opponents of Nazism. Recently, in a new logo, Amazon saw a smile of Hitler, although the logo does not look like at all. The theory of conspiracies with application logos is strong. [42]

Мыслепреступление: борьба левых со свободой слова

Freedom of speech in the communist paradise

Мыслепреступление: борьба левых со свободой слова

The word «thoughtcrime» is usually associated with the USSR and other communist countries, as they represent apogee in the fight against freedom of speech and the opposition. Earlier, I wrote an article «Left and Freedom of speech», in which he touched the struggle with freedom of speech and not only in the USSR, GDR and Cuba. Now I will touch on other information that I did not write in that article.

Estimated in the country in the mid-1930s, unquestion inevitably frightened the framework of freedom of cultural figures, entailed the appearance of Soviet classicism. All creative quest and experiments were denied and punished, and any deviation from the developed Soviet canons branded as «formalism». After the death of Stalins, the «closeness» of Soviet society and culture from the rest of the world gradually blurred. There was more creative initiative, but in conditions of censorship, art could not find genuine freedom. And all the best artwork works of the Soviet era appeared in the 1920s and in the 1960s, when weathered censored control and repressive measures from the Communist Party. [43]

There was an article in the USSR that prohibited any negative statements or actions against the state. He was punished with imprisonment from 6 months to 7 years or reference for a period of 2 to 5 years. The same actions committed by the person previously convicted of particularly dangerous state crimes are imprisonment from 3 to 10 years. [44] And then, this is at the time of 1960. At the time of 1922, no less than 3 years with strict isolation was punished. At the same time, there were articles «Propaganda and agitation to help international bourgeoisie», «manufacture, preservation and dissemination of the literature of counter-revolutionary content», «Rosskazni and distribution with a counter-revolutionary goal of unturious rumors or unverified data that can cause panic or distrust of power and discrediting it».

In the USSR hid terrible tragedies and catastrophes. The first nuclear catastrophe in the USSR was an explosion on the «lighthouse» — the chemical plant. There were no victims, as it was a day off. The victims appeared after work on elimination. Employees were attracted to eliminate, as well as internal troops and prisoners, which are not far from the «lighthouse» were punished. [45] There was also an explosion of a ballistic missile on Baikonur. The launch was timed to the 43rd anniversary of the October Revolution. Because of the rush, there was an explosion of rocket fuel. Burned alive and died from a burn shock 126 people. All information was classified. Even native did not say. They said only about the accident that are not connected with Baikonur at all. [46]

Мыслепреступление: борьба левых со свободой слова

In 1961, a dam was collapsed in Kiev, overlapping the flow of waste from the plants. The exact number of victims is unknown, presumably this is 1500 people. More than 90 buildings were destroyed. Cosmonaut Valentin Bondarenko died during testing. His death was not just hidden, his steerly and deleted from all the documents and photographs of the first detachment. In 1979, Vladimir Serkov hijacked the plane and sent it to a five-storey house. He did it, since the parents of his wife lived on the third floor, who left him, picking her son. He tried to revenge, but there was no one in the apartment. The five-story building was cleaned and elevated from traces, the information was sedolded. In 1979, two aircraft faced, as a result, 178 people died. In 1981, there was a crash of an airplane with the team composition of the Pacific Fleet over Leningrad. 52 people died, 16 of which were admirals. In 1982, an escalator collapsed in the Moscow metro. During the pressure, 8 people died, 30 were injured, someone remained disabled. In 1989, there was an explosion of two trains under Ufa. Died 575 people, 623 were injured. [46]

Noteworthy An-24 catastrophe in Svetlogorsk. Then the aircraft fell to kindergarten, as a result, 24 children and 3 employees died. For 24 hours a state of emergency was introduced. Residents were forbidden to leave the city and leave houses, turned off phones and electricity. At the place of the tragedy broke a large flowerbed to hide traces. Also canceled trains, allegedly for urgent repair of paths. So we decided to hide sacrifices among children. [47]

Мыслепреступление: борьба левых со свободой слова

In 1945, after the Japanese occupying troops left the country, the communists, covering the uniform front of Vietmin, continued their systematic acts of terror against landowners, political opponents and foreigners. Only in August and September 1945, thousands of people were killed and tens of thousands were arrested by order of the Vietmin’s organization. The northern part of the country, which, before the breakthrough in the first Vietnamese war in December 1946, was under the control of the Indochinese Communist Party, already had concentration camps and political police. Various sources suggest that the communist regime that rules in the country during the Vietnamese war from 1957 to 1975 was due to the life of 200,000 — 300,000 thousand people (without taking into account those who died during hostilities). The number of victims of the post-war communist regime in the period from 1975 to 1987 is approximately 430 thousand people: 65 00 — 100,000 of them were executed, about a million were sent to concentration camps, 165,000 of which never returned back, approximately 200,000 — 250 000 people drowned into the sea during an attempt to escape from the country by boats. [49]

Sometimes thoughtcrime comes to the absurd, as in North Korea. The country’s leader forbade sarcasm when discussing the authorities, he will be considered as «hostile actions against the state.» All because Koreans ridiculed the accusations of the government of other countries in all their problems. [50] Also in the country there is a rule according to which in public places should not appear in the blue pants. It is believed that jeans of such a shade personify all world imperialism, which continues to resist the state. Only tourists can walk in such clothes, but it is impossible to go to Koreans. Moreover, the jeans of black and other colors under the prohibition do not fall. [51]

Buy a car in North Korea is almost impossible, too expensive. Even bicycles are not available to everyone. In the country, it is impossible to buy religious literature and old newspapers, which came out a few years ago. From the local SIM card it is impossible to call abroad. Hot water in houses and apartments are not. To wash them visit the baths. There are no central heating batteries. It is forbidden to go to other countries. Even inside the country to go to relatives to another city or village need permission. Foreigners can not be photographed without permission and speak with local residents. There are no condoms and tampons in the country, many do not even know about the existence of condoms. All channels are politicized. [52]

Even such a little-known state, as Nepal, was harmful from the Communists. In 1996, the Maoist wing of the Communist Party left parliament and the beginning of the «folk» war. Maoists were charged with such crimes as abductions, torture, rape, murder. Government troops were also accused of crimes and violations of human rights. As a result, more than 13,000 people (4500 Maoists and 8200 government troops) were killed, hundreds were missing and at least 200,000 were forcibly resettled during the Nepali Civil War in 1996-2006. [53]

In the Czech Republic in 1948, the Communists removed the last democrats from participation in the government and established a communist dictatorship. Extensive nationalization was conducted, reprisals against dissidents and indicative processes began. In the 1960s, there was an attempt to build «socialism with a human face», that is, to spend liberalization («Prague Spring»), but it did not work out, this process was depressed by the Warsaw contract. As a result, 53 Cenes and 19 Slovaks were killed, 70,000 people left the country, in the future the number of refugees increased to 300,000. At the same time, the so-called. Committees of actions began to take control of institutions, public organizations and other political parties. Soon after the election, a new constitution was adopted, and Gotald became president. Active metication and mass repression began. A number of youth organizations were eliminated, others were forcibly merged into the Czechoslovak Union of Youth. After 1970, the organization was renamed the Socialist Union of Youth. All over the country, life was controlled by the State Security Service. Political persecution from the Communists began even before they seized all the power, but after February 1948 the repression went with a full course. Repressions were supported by legislative changes, including decree No. 231/1948 on the protection of the «Republic of People’s Democracy». According to different estimates, by 1960 on political reasons were punished from 150,000 to 160,000 people. Of these, 248 were executed. About 25,000 people kept in Czechoslovak Labor camps operating in 1948-1954. In total, about 4500 people died in prisons and camps. [54]

Double standarts

Мыслепреступление: борьба левых со свободой слова

The main claim for the double standards to the left and left-liberals is that they are against censorship and restrictions on freedom of speech only in relation to themselves, in relation to the nationalists, they do not even support this censorship. In this, they are similar to our moderately left government, which loves to talk about censorship from YouTube, Twitter and other social networks and sites, but not against the censorship of the opposition. From the news in which the Government of the Russian Federation accuses someone in censorship against becomes, however it is hypocritical.

Also, many of our «supporters of freedom» love to impose their opinions on others, deciding for them that they need. Feminists do not like images in games or some details and they arrange campaigns in order to change it. And it does not care for anyone that it is hardly all these feminists will play these games, maybe neither of them will not play, but they want to make a change.

In Europe, not so long ago there were many conflicts with Muslims, a large campaign unfolded. Many of the local lefts supported that struggle, many of them will support people who make caricatures on the Prophet Mohammed, as «freedom of speech.» But at the same time, if you insult LGBT or you will do the same caricatures, but about the Holocaust, then you will be sideways, and perhaps and will rise. And this justice?


Мыслепреступление: борьба левых со свободой слова
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