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The rank of Hero of the Soviet Union for thousands of innocent

The title Hero of the Soviet Union for thousands of innocent people. Few people know, but at the end of World War II, one of the Soviet submariners Skilled the German ship who evacuated the wounded civilian and some servicemen.

Communists often argue that it is the fascist and national socialist regimes who were terribly treated with people, including civilian. But at the same time the communists were no better. This is just one of many cases.

The ship «Goya» was originally a military, built in Norway. Later was transferred to the Germans. At the end of the war was used to evacuate people. Having managed to make four campaigns by evacuating 19785 people.

The fifth hike was the last for the vessel and for passengers. Soviet submarine L-3 torpedoing the vessel. More than 6,900 people died. Save only 157 people. Later 28 were found alive. It is known about finding 200 soldiers of the 25th Tank Regiment of the Wehrmacht. But besides, there were a lot of civilian. Moreover, the vessel retreated and ultimately the Soviet troops would start them in Berlin. But they did not regret people and destroyed them.

For the heroic killing of thousands of innocent people and several hundreds of military personnel, Vladimir Konovalov, commander of the very submarine, received the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, with the presentation of the Order of Lenin and the Medal «Golden Star». Probably Lenin, having met him in hell, praised it.

Wulf Kalmanovich Konovalov (the same Vladimir Konovalov) was born in a Jewish family on December 5, 1911. He graduated from 6 school classes and worked at the Treetal plant. Later graduated from the 3rd coup of the evening work faculty. And after that I got into the naval school. In addition, during World War II, his submarine Skilled Swedish steamer «Lilevalsh», he himself was as part of the crew. Sweden in World War II did not participate and adhered to neutrality. Dehock from heart attack on November 29, 1967 in Leningrad at the age of 55.