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Palestine or Israel — Who is Right?

Palestine or Israel — who is right in this conflict? It would seem that there are two not the largest states, which no one should care about, but this topic is very much discussed. Personally, I am interested in this topic much more than the past conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan. This topic has become especially discussed among the Muslim world, among the countries of Bangladesh, Indonesia and others where Islam is widespread. White right-wingers from different countries did not bypass the issue either. I am perplexed by the fact that many of those who seriously consider themselves to be right are supporting Israel in this conflict. It is noteworthy that this is typical of the right-wingers from the United States and the Russian Federation.

Palestine or Israel — Who is Right?

Palestine or Israel - Who is Right?

I, of course, support Palestine. I understand their desire to recapture their lands from the invaders. Russia also suffered from the Jews, because of them the Russian Empire collapsed. Those who consider the Palestinians «terrorists» and so on, apparently believe that the Palestinians need to make concessions to the occupiers and try to resolve the issue peacefully. This is extremely childish and stupid, it will do nothing for the Palestinians except harm.

The conflict was exacerbated by the Jewish side. Initially, they did not allow the Arabs to visit the mosque; later, they unjustly evicted the Arabs from their homes. Even the United Nations Organization condemned this act. Later, radical right-wing Jews began to provoke the Arabs, they gathered and shouted “death to the Arabs” and other phrases addressed to their opponents.

In fact, Israel is not a state, it is the territory of Palestine occupied by Jews. So that you understand, Palestine is not recognized only by the United States and the states that are their «six». In the image below, countries that recognize the State of Palestine are indicated in green.

Palestine or Israel - Who is Right?

History of the conflict

About the history of the conflict. Believe it or not, Jews and Arabs once lived peacefully and had no conflicts. It all started because of Britain. At the beginning of the 20th century, Great Britain decided to use Arabs, Jews and other nations to fight the Ottoman Empire more effectively. Jews and Arabs were promised to create two different states on the same territory.

The League of Nations was an accomplice in the occupation of a part of the Ottoman Empire, and a “mandate to rule Palestine” was invented. In fact, the League of Nations simply approved the occupation. Instead of resolving the issue with states, Britain played off Arabs and Jews.

In 1917, the Balfour Declaration was presented, a letter that British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour sent to the Jew Lord Rothschild, who was a representative of the British Jewish community. The letter stated that Britain «is approvingly considering the establishment of a national home for the Jewish people in Palestine, and will make every effort to promote this goal.»

Initially, Great Britain «threw» both Jews and Arabs. But later everything changed and Britain supported the Jews. On November 11, 1936, a British Royal Commission arrived in Palestine. On July 7, 1937, a report was published, which spoke of the recommendation of the division of Palestine into two states. The point is that the Jews should have received better land than the Palestinians, who would have received almost nothing but a desert. The Jews, however, could get land on which there were 78% of Arab orange groves. Britain began to fight the Arabs by outlawing their committees.

The British army used «collective punishment» to suppress Palestinian resistance against their occupation and support of the Jews. The British passed a law that introduced the death penalty just for possession of a gun without British permission. The British army destroyed the houses of the Palestinians, blew them up. One of the largest such actions was the destruction of about 240 houses in the city of Yafo in the summer of 1936. Thousands of people were left without houses. In 1938, because of the murder of an official of the British administration, that is, a completely justified struggle against the occupiers, the British punished the Arabs. They destroyed part of the city of Jenin. Also, garrisons were located in the villages, or collective fines were taken from them. The inhabitants of the villages themselves were obliged to maintain the garrisons of the occupiers. If there was no money for fines, then their food was taken away.

During World War II, Adolf Hitler sympathized with the Palestinians and supported their struggle against the occupation. In one of his speeches, he said the following:

Likewise, the fact that Palestine is currently occupied not by German troops, but by the British has clearly escaped Mr. Roosevelt’s attention. And that this country is subjected to the restriction of its own freedom by the most cruel methods, is deprived of its independence and is subjected to the most brutal abuse in the interests of the Jewish invaders. Therefore, the Arabs who lived in this country, of course, would not complain to Mr. Roosevelt about the German aggression, but they constantly appeal to the world to condemn the barbaric methods with which England is trying to suppress this people, who love their freedom and simply defend it. Perhaps this is also a problem that, according to the American president, should be resolved at the negotiating table, that is, by a fair trial, and not by physical or military methods, mass executions, setting fires to villages, exploding houses, and so on. For one of the facts is probably true. In this case, England defends itself not from the threat of an Arab attack, but as an uninvited violator, trying to establish its power on foreign territory that does not belong to it. I am not at all willing to allow foreign statesmen to create a second Palestine right here in the heart of Germany. Poor Arabs are defenseless and abandoned by all. The Germans in Czechoslovakia will not be defenseless or abandoned.Adolf Hitler

In 1947, the British government abandons the Palestine Mandate. The UN is starting to deal with this. Serious clashes begin because of the UN decision. The Jews managed to repel the attacks of the Palestinians, after which they occupied even more Arab territories. The United States supported Israel in this conflict, once again acting as servants to indulge Jewish interests.

Palestine or Israel — Who Should the Right Support?

Palestine or Israel - Who Should the Right Support?

Now about the support of Israel from the «right-wing» comrades-in-arms from the USA and the Russian Federation. This is extremely stupid, since I see no point in opposing the Palestinians. Apparently, because of the Stockholm syndrome, these people defend the right of their masters to own Palestine. Some of the most distinguished devote several articles at all with reasons to support Israel. I see no reason for this, if only because the truth is behind Palestine.

Probably, it was the Palestinians who created the anti-defamation league and other organizations that suppress any negative statements towards Jews and “Israel”, even if they are justified. Probably, it was because of the Palestinians that the Russian Empire collapsed and the Bolsheviks came to power. Perhaps the Palestinians are promoting tolerance in white countries. Or was it the Palestinians who provided financial support to Japan in the Russo-Japanese war?

Or someone will even say that we need to support Israel because it is right-wing, a nation-state and all that. So Muslims are not leftists, moreover, they will be even closer to us than the Zionists, who bring us a lot of harm. There were also accusations that all Muslims are supposedly terrorists, so you need to be on the side of the Jews. Are you seriously? The Jews made many more sacrifices to us. I myself oppose the Islamization of Europe, against terrorism, believing that it would be better for everyone to live in their own states, but the harm from the Jews is incomparably greater than from the Arabs, and even more so from the Palestinians alone.

There was also a statement that «it would be better if Israel won, they have medicine there and so on.» That is, “Israel” is now better developed. I don’t know how this affects what is true for Palestine. According to the same logic, it is necessary to give all the property of the weaker to the stronger, they are stronger. But Israel has a larger population, more territories, as well as support from the United States, payments from Germany and more. Since I want to finally resolve the issue of «Palestine or Israel», then we will use statistics. For this, I will use the Knoema statistics site, which I often use in my articles.

In 2020, Israel’s death rate was 5.3 per 1,000, and the birth rate was 19.7 per 1,000. In Palestine, in 2020, the death rate was 3.5 per 1000 people, the birth rate was 28.2 per 1000 people. The share of households with Internet access in Palestine was 79.6% in 2019, in Israel — 75.9% in the same year. The incidence of tuberculosis in Palestine in 2019 was 0.5 per 100,000 people, in 2018 — 0.8 per 100,000 people. In Israel, in 2019, the figure was 2.9 per 100,000 people, and in 2018, in general, 4.0 per 100,000 people. In many other respects, Israel certainly beats Palestine. But the fact remains that Israel is not better in everything.