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What’s wrong with the Alternative for Germany?

What’s wrong with the Alternative for Germany? The German party is also known by the abbreviations AfD and AfD. The party is well known among the Russian right. And, I think, not only among the Russian right, but also among the right in other countries. Many people like it, many are ready to support it. But is everything in her as good as it seems at first glance? This is what this article is about.

Recently, elections to the Bundestag were held in Germany. In the elections, the Social Democrats won the most votes, they gained 25.7%. The Christian Democratic Union (CDU) gained 18.9%. The Green Party gained 14.8%. But the Alternative for Germany still cannot get a good percentage of the vote and is gaining only 10.3% in these elections.

What's wrong with the Alternative for Germany?

Modern residents of Germany, apparently, do not care about the high crime rate and illegal migration, they are more pleased to listen to nonsense from Greta Thunberg and other pseudo-environmentalists, while not getting any real struggle to preserve the environment and nature.

What’s wrong with the Alternative for Germany? Let’s start with their program. I read a description of the game on their website and felt sick. I don’t understand why this party is called “ultra-right”. This is an insult to the extreme right. The alternative for Germany in the description of the party constantly writes that they love democracy. They also support capitalism. This is already a clear disadvantage, because democracy does not work as it should. To join the party, one must not fall under the list of movements and organizations banned in the party. It is noteworthy that the list includes many nationalist associations. Well, what a progressive right.

The Alternative program, of course, includes democracy. The attitude to the environment in the program is not in the best position, too little attention has been paid to this issue, this issue has been completely neglected. The emphasis is on combating illegal migration. This is probably the only point that has been thought out well enough. In particular, the party supports the closure of borders, prevent religious instruction in schools, and so on.

Now for the most interesting information. Did you know that in the recent elections to the Bundestag from Alternative for Germany, 34-year-old homosexual and Jewish citizen with Israeli citizenship Marcel Yaron Golhammer was nominated? It’s funny that this party opposes dual citizenship. The party is co-chaired by Alice Weidel, who is openly lesbian. She is in a registered same-sex union and is raising two children with another woman. She supports civil partnerships for homosexuals. She supports the European Union. It’s funny that in 2017 there was a scandal when an illegal refugee from Syria lived with her.

Don’t encourage hypocrisy.

What's wrong with the Alternative for Germany?