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George Floyd — a symbol of shame on the USA

George Floyd is a symbol of the shame of the United States, which today serves as an example of how low this country has fallen. In this article, I will give my opinion about this criminal and about the United States itself. I usually write articles in Russian and then translate some of them into English, but this article will initially be in English and I will not translate into Russian. This article will be written specifically for US residents.

The events related to this dead drug addict happened a year ago, but then I did not want to write about it. Today I learned that the actor has been charged with vandalizing a statue of George Floyd. Allegedly covered with paint. After reading this news, I was unpleasantly surprised. So I decided to write an article on this topic.

USA before

The old states of America, say, 200 years ago, were a very good country. I associate that old America with a truly white society of Christians, namely Catholics and Protestants. Having recently studied the history of the Ku Klux Klan, I was amazed at how incredible it was. Smart white intellectuals willing to stand up for their beliefs, that’s great. But even then, democracy began to show its failure, and therefore the stupid American government crushed this manifestation of civil will.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the United States turned into a completely different country. The promotion of pornography and other horrible things began, the sexual revolution. Here we saw that a person is by nature terrible and many of people are ready to easily abandon morality and other positive qualities. But still, then the United States still somehow held on, they were only one foot in the grave. Today they are buried. I look with disappointment at the current American society, including the self-proclaimed «right-wing intellectuals.»

USA now

In the 21st century, the United States sounds like some sick fiction rather than reality. Some Negro who died of a drug overdose was carried in a golden coffin, mourned, a statue was erected for him, and so on. Isn’t this a shame and humiliation? How did you allow this, gentlemen Americans? I will not be surprised if streets, schools, and other objects will be named after him someday. Hordes of other niggas started terrible robberies and a series of crimes, they got away with it all. Moreover, they did not just get away with it, some of the media began to praise them at all.

All these New York Times, BBC, CBS and other scoundrels … How can you read all these lies, which they serve with a serious air, arrogantly calling themselves journalists? It is because of people like them that I hate journalists. They have no desire to convey the truth, they only promote the lies that are important to them. More precisely, in most cases it is not important for them, but for their bosses, while the journalists themselves only need money. For the journalists themselves, only salaries are important. But this does not justify them at all.

You are funny to me, Americans. You live in a country where the statue of liberty stands, at the same time you repress people for a different opinion. You poison them, fire them, throw mud at them. You are pathetic and hypocritical. You are ready to change sex from childhood, to experiment on children in the form of hormones and other rubbish. And all for the sake of the political agenda of your government, which is leaving more and more to the left in its beliefs and actions. I would not be surprised if one day you are deprived of weapons and the events of your life will resemble the book «The Turner Diaries».

Studying the Cold War and other confrontations between the United States and the USSR, morally I have always been on the side of the United States, since I hate the communists. But if I lived at that time and knew what would happen to your country today, I would rather support the communists than you, because you have become no better than them.

USA and Russian Empire

And now I do not understand at all why the American intelligence officer, Colonel Luis Amoss, came up with a leaderless resistance to fight the communists, because today you yourself are giving them your country. And your Trump and the Republicans are a completely faceless fake party, which is not much different from the Democrats. All this show with conservatism will remain just a pitiful show for the amusement of today’s «conservatives» watching the American society slowly going to the final collapse.

And don’t think of comparing the United States and the Russian Empire. My country resisted communists and other non-humans for a long time, and as a result we saw a serious civil war. And the Republicans’ current dreams of a new civil war will remain dreams. Trump is not ready to lead you as he has shown earlier. He is not going to take any risks, he does not mind giving up, just not to expose himself to any danger.

An illustrative example of your weakness was the Republicans’ performance against Palestine in their conflict with Israel. You have once again shown your pseudo-conservative willingness to be a servant of Israel, giving her miserable lives for its well-being. The fact that the ultra-left supported Hamas does not mean that it is necessary to oppose Hamas, the left does not always oppose everything good, in the conflict between Palestine and Israel, they chose the right position, while the Republicans fundamentally supported their masters. It is not surprising. While Hamas is fighting for the freedom of its country, the resentful Republicans endure. Be patient, people of the United States of George Floyd.