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Russia is not a conservative country

Russia is not a conservative country, as is commonly believed. It’s very funny to hear that, because it’s not at all true. In this article, I will dispel this myth. The article will be written for both my compatriots and foreigners. But more for foreigners, because, in my opinion, they are even more convinced of our compatriots that Russia is a conservative country. I do not understand the fact that people from other countries have a false idea of our country. Everything is not as good as you think. Why? Find out from this article.

When someone talks about the alleged conservatism of the Russian Federation, then I go into some confusion, because I completely disagree with this. And in order not to argue on this topic every time, wasting my time again and again, I decided to write this article.

Relationship to the titular nation

Russia is not a conservative country

Let’s start with the attitude towards the titular nation. Russia is not a conservative country, as the attitude towards the titular nation is terrible here. Russians are not even mentioned in the RF constitution. The territory belonging to the Russian nation is also not marked, in contrast to national minorities, which have their own republics with certain borders.

Russian national identity is suppressed. Again, in contrast to the national identity of the Chechens, Dagestanis and other national minorities. Such double standards have even given rise to some articles in the criminal code. So, there is article 282 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation on extremism, created specifically for Russian football fans and skinheads. The article itself was mainly against the Russians and was used. I have never heard of the use against representatives of other nations.

Diasporas and other near-criminal associations in the Russian Federation have significant influence and are actively saving their compatriots from just punishment for their crimes. The government itself as a whole is on the side of the migrants. Back in the early 2000s, the media actively frightened the population with horror stories about skinheads. Many of these horror stories were exaggerated or the media paid skinheads for some kind of filming. They also made special efforts to cover the alleged killings of migrants by skinheads, even when there was no exact information. Sometimes these same victims were actually victims of other migrants. On the other hand, the media did not want to write about the Russian victims who suffered at the hands of migrants, it is not tolerant.

In the Russian Federation, Jewish extremist religious organizations are quietly operating in support of Jewish supremacy. There is also no ban on Wahhabism, and we fought with Chechen Wahhabis for many years. But at the same time, the usual phrase «Russia for Russians» is prohibited. Moreover, the phrase does not imply that Russia is only for Russians. But, apparently, one cannot say that Russia is the home of Russians, this is already extremism, in contrast to the Wahhabis.

A notable incident that happened in 2009. There was a gang of «black hawks» — a Caucasian group that, under the shouts of «Allah akbar», attacked the Russians. There is a known case of an attack when they fired several times from a pneumatic pistol to one person in the face, and stabbed another in the chest. Many human rights defenders from the Antifa ranks immediately declared that such a group did not exist. But it existed, they found the defendants. One of the gang members was killed by a Russian guy, believing that his affairs would get away with him. The media immediately began to talk about the murdered criminal as a victim of skinheads who was not guilty of anything.

Russia is not a conservative country. If it were such, then the titular nation would not die out, as is happening now. But even if the USSR was able to recover from the worst losses in World War II, the birth rate went up, as did natural growth, then the Russian Federation after Putin’s rule is unlikely to do it so quickly. And there are people who are so stupid who really consider Putin’s rule to be successful.

The position of religion

The next argument why Russia is not a conservative state is the position of religion. Now the ROC only dishonours and defiles the Christian faith with its hypocrisy and lies. As a true believer, this is unpleasant for me, and I believe that the ROC, like no one else, offends the feelings of believers. The ROC calls its «competitors» sectarian heretics and eliminates them with the help of the authorities. The constitutional guarantee of religious freedom is a lie.

The authorities do not promote Christianity, young people are actively joining the ranks of stupid atheistic circles that present themselves as academics, but in reality are teenagers with youthful maximalism and a desire to stand out. The youth treat religion with derision, believing that it is not needed. Morality, accordingly, is also at the bottom and is ridiculed.

On the other hand, mosques are actively built in Russian cities and Muslims are indulged. There are about 8000 mosques in Russia. More than 3 million Muslims live in Moscow, according to official figures. What kind of conservatism is there? I’m perhaps Muslim, but definitely not Russian.

Attitude towards LGBT

Russia is not a conservative country

Russia is considered conservative mainly because of the allegedly tough attitude towards LGBT people. Is it really that serious? No. The attitude towards LGBT people is too indifferent. We only have an article banning LGBT propaganda among young people. And then, as practice has shown, the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are too indifferent to this, and therefore the criminals often go unpunished. The authorities fight LGBT people only when there is a public outcry or when they are potential distributors of threats to the authorities. This derisory attitude of authority is very annoying to normal people.

Now about specific actions. An administrative case was brought against the head of the Yaroslavl Patriotic Club for the inscription «Death [to homosexuals]» (the original inscription contained a mat). He allegedly disseminated information that harms the development of children. So much for the struggle for traditional values.

And at the same time, the authorities do not see any real harm to children in the form of LGBT propaganda from the propagandist Alyona Shvets. She is a performer, but the poor product of her activity cannot even be called music, it sounds too stupid and terrible. all over St. Petersburg, posters with her advertisement were hung. Caring Russian people painted over it. Several fans of Alena Shvets have already committed suicide, but the authorities do not care about that either. Recently, a schoolgirl Sophia Sovushkina jumped from the 8th floor in Omsk. She committed suicide because of the propaganda spread by Shvets. Propaganda of that very unhealthy «freedom».

Russia is not a conservative country

On November 10, 2021, news appeared that in the Altai Territory the branch of the Civil Alternative party was headed by the transvestite Roman, who now calls himself Yulia Aleshina. He decided to head the branch of the party after he learned about other transvestites, working in this field all over the world.

Other evidence of lack of conservatism

What kind of conservatism are we talking about when there is a full-fledged kleptocracy in the country? Recently, a draft budget for the next year has been submitted. The medicine budget has been cut by as much as 9%. Most of all, the costs of the federal project «Providing medical organizations of the healthcare system with qualified personnel» will decrease — the decrease will be 64%. And at the same time, the cost of the police will rise. And after that, someone believes in these miraculous vaccines… This is only obvious proof that the authorities do not care about the mortality of the coronavirus and they only use people’s lives to limit their rights.

In the Russian Federation, unfair sentences often occur when a woman escapes punishment, and a man, on the contrary, receives more than necessary. This is not surprising, because the majority of judges in the Russian Federation are women. Apparently, they were very offended by men. Another similar incident happened recently. Valeria Bashkirova, who shot down two children in Moscow, received only 5 years, and then a colony-settlement. This is simply the most terrible injustice and blasphemy.

Horrible statistics on alcoholism. I do not see anything conservative in the constant opening of pubs in Russian cities. It is also bittersweet to see the constant growth of these venom buying places. There is no control over the circulation of the poison. Moreover, there are frequent cases of selling burned alcohol and poisoning from it.

Just a few years ago, the Russian Federation began to introduce political processing in schools. Political instructors, represented by teachers, conduct the so-called «lessons of tolerance», in which children are imposed a wrong view of the world, which is beneficial only to globalists. In Europe, too, they once started with such events. The Russian Federation, apparently, has begun training a new, tolerant generation, which will be much more useful for globalists.