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Are all races equal?

«All races are equal» — today this nonsense is voiced absolutely seriously by many people, including famous ones. Today this is the official agenda in many countries around the world, especially in white European countries. It is ironic that 200 years ago you would have been considered an idiot or ridiculed if you had voiced this thought. Nowadays, humanity has come to the conclusion that something like that has become true, and another opinion is considered forbidden. The ridiculous fables presented by our anti-racists under the guise of arguments are visible on news sites, on popular science sites, and on other resources. This propaganda hegemony is beginning to sicken me. In response to this, I decided to make a major article in which I will give an answer to all these tricks and deliberate lies of my opponents.

When writing articles, I studied a lot of material of a different nature. Of course, I studied what our opponents write. It seems that I have never seen anything more stupid than this. Even the arguments of the LGBT supporters are more scientific and substantive than the arguments of the anti-racists, although they are usually the same people. The number of anti-racist arguments is so small that if I wrote only criticism of these statements, the article would be incredibly small. Therefore, this article will not be as an answer, but as a full-fledged article with my opinion on this issue. At the very end of the article, sources will be indicated so that my text is not unfounded.

The article will contain a lot of information that is already known to everyone, but at the same time it will not only be a generalization of old publications. Although in a sense, it really will be a generalization, because it will be exhaustive.

What is racism

Are all races equal?

To begin with, many people misunderstand the word «racism». Some do it out of ignorance, some on purpose. Racism is a teaching about the existence of different races, about the difference between these races. Racism is not hate because of differences such as skin color. Hatred for this is called xenophobia. Opponents, anti-racists, want to promote the opposite opinion. They also oppose racology, which has long been able to describe various human races. It’s funny that in doing so, they try to expose scientific belief in the existence of genders and that homosexuality is quite normal. Although in my articles «Criticism of Sexology and Gender Theory» and «Homosexuality is a disease» I proved otherwise.

Personally, I don’t understand why they need this, but the fact remains that they oppose racism and racology not for any weighty reasons, but because of personal hostility. Funny anti-xenophobes who are themselves xenophobes.

Anti-racists constantly reiterate the idea that allegedly racists hate others «just because of a different skin color.» By saying this, they want to portray their opponents as psychos who believe in stupidity. But the opposite is true, and those who believe in this are fools. It is impossible to hate someone just because of a different skin color and other differences. This is absurd nonsense, nonsense. There will always be some reason for this attitude. For example, some shortcomings or personal experience. Seriously, what other dislike about skin color? All anti-racist argumentation is based on lies and misconceptions and stereotypes about racists. I’m not surprised that anti-racists, LGBT activists and other similar «politicians» are most often naive, infantile people who are children either physically or psychologically.

Although not all children are like that. A normal child will perceive a competitive and fair struggle naturally, he is ready for it. We are talking about those children who have not been indoctrinated by the left since childhood. But even then the propaganda will act only on naive children, smart children will see that something is wrong. In this regard, children are much smarter than our opponents, because they do not want to believe a lie.

Do you also find it funny how the left has for many years declared about terrible racists and «monsters from the Ku Klux Klan», wrote boring waste paper like «To Kill a Mockingbird», and then, having gained power, took off the mask and began to build totalitarianism? They began to prohibit another point of view because «it is bad.» They give more sentences for her than for real crimes, like corruption. And who is worse? Those who believe that races are different, or are our hypocrites anti-racists?

Are there races?

Are all races equal

The existence of races is a separate topic for controversy. To declare that races do not exist and all people are the same, and then judge for hatred of other races, this is the peak of degradation. Well, yes, indeed, races do not exist (although the difference can be easily noticed, unlike fictional genders), and genders are absolutely real and scientific.

In his work «The Origin of Man» the famous Charles Darwin wrote the following: “Man has diverged into several different races, or rather, subspecies. Some of them, for example, Negroids and Caucasians, are so different that if you give two samples to a naturalist for study, without giving additional context, he would undoubtedly classify them as different species». [1]

Research has shown that the differences between different types of wolves are less than the differences between human races. It’s about the differences between a dog, a wolf, and a coyote. [2] But at the same time they are considered different species, and the human races are supposedly one. But the statement that different species cannot produce offspring is a favorite argument of anti-racists. But this is nonsense. Many animals have interspecific hybrids. In 1949, an interesting case of a hybrid occurred. A female hamadryl baboon brought a cub from a male macaque, which was a hybrid from crossing a pig-tailed Lapunder macaque with a rhesus monkey. Soon, another hybrid baby appeared from the same parents. [3]

Are all races equal

As a result of interspecific and more distant hybridization among monkeys, there are about fifty hybrid monkeys at this station (now the Institute of Experimental Pathology and Therapy). Here, not only their morphology, physiology and pathology are studied, but also hereditary features. [3]

Some macaque species are capable of hybrid crosses, even intergeneric ones. Rhesus and Lapundera macaques give births from hybrid mothers. Also, 3 groups of monkeys (180 monkeys in total) were found, which were a hybrid of hamadryas and anubis. There are also anubis and gelad hybrids. There are hybrids of baboons with anubis. Gelads gave offspring when crossed with baboons. [3]

Also, hybrids are found among bison and bison; among polar and brown bears; among ferrets and minks; among tigers and lions; among wolves, coyotes and jackals; among the hares of the hares and hares of the white hares; among one-humped and two-humped camels. Also, sometimes breeds that belong to the same species do not interbreed with each other or, when crossed, do not give offspring. For example, the rabbits of the Porto Santo island and the European ones.

In 2009, a news site wrote: “Global warming has led to the formation of a new species of flying squirrels in northern Canada. Mutants are capable of producing offspring, which may soon lead to the extinction of two progenitor species». [4]

Isaac Asimov and William Boyd have a joint book in which they write the following: “No two people are exactly alike. The child realizes this very early. He is able to distinguish his mother from all other women before he speaks. And when he is old enough, playing with his peers, he will easily recognize and distinguish his friends. This is not surprising at all. Think how different people, for example, heads can be. Hair can be long or short, thick or sparse, or none at all. They can be wavy, curly, or straight; black, chestnut, red, light brown, blond, or have any shade. Skin color can be dark, light, or swarthy. The eyes can be blue, brown, or something else. The mouths can be large or small, and the lips are full or thin. Someone’s chins protrude noticeably, but someone’s not very; noses — straight, hooked or upturned; the ears are at different angles to the head. The list of such differences is almost endless. Growing up, the child becomes more observant and, probably, begins to notice more subtle differences, even if no one specifically points out them to him. Several features and characteristics are interrelated. For example, people with very fair skin usually have blue eyes and blond hair. They also most often have long, thin noses and thin lips. In turn, people with dark skin color often have dark eyes and dark hair. People with very dark skin often have short and curly hair, their noses are usually wide and with a low bridge, and their lips are thick. Later, the child we are talking about may notice one more thing. He notes that specific characteristics often appear in the same families. In some families, blond hair and blue eyes are common. Members of other families tend to have black hair and brown eyes. He may notice that the child of tall parents is more likely to grow taller than the child of short parents. Even without any outside help, a child, by observing, can be convinced for himself that people in the world are divided into different groups. The members of each of them are in some way more closely related to each other than to the members of the other group. For this reason, they are more similar to each other than to the rest. This group of people is called a race». [5]

Are all races equal?: Mind

Are all races equal

Many anti-racists today are trying in every possible way to prove to us that the races are supposedly equal in reason, just for some reason at the moment blacks cannot achieve the same results as whites. One of the arguments is the poverty of these countries. But this is just another proof that races are different. Negroes have not been able to achieve the same results as whites, which is why they are beggars. Their culture is primitive, beliefs are primitive, and one of their main achievements is rap, which can hardly be called music. What kind of poverty can there be, after all, no one gave the whites the means for development, they developed themselves, they themselves achieved what we have now. The fact that the negroes could not achieve the same is precisely their fault, not poverty. Moreover, whites are blamed for colonization and all that. Yes, if whites were not colonialists, blacks today would continue to be primitive tribes. It was the whites who gave them development. An example of this is the black Sentinelese people who live in the Andams. They have existed for about 30 thousand years. At the same time, they still use spears and other primitive weapons. If it were not for the terrible colonialists who gave the blacks medicine, they would have continued to die en masse. Now their population is the largest.

It’s funny that even in rap, whites have surpassed blacks. So, for example, the best-selling rapper is Eminem. He surpasses the most famous black rapper 2PAC in certified sales in the USA and certified worldwide sales by almost 2 times. He is also rightfully considered the best rapper and one of the fastest rappers. [19] [20] [21] [22] [23]

Are all races equal

Today the situation has not changed. The ranking of the countries of the world according to the index of happiness in 2021 — who is in first place? White countries. In the last places? Black. [6] Nigeria is home to over 200 million people. And yet, in 2019, only 5602 scientific articles were published in this country, while in Hungary, which does not even have 10 million people, 6701 scientific articles were published. Let’s go through the Asians. In Kazakhstan, with a population of 19 million people, only 2367 articles were published. China comes first. But the US has 332 million inhabitants, while China has 1 billion and 442 million. In the USA there are almost 750 inhabitants per one scientific article, while in China there are almost 2730 inhabitants per one scientific article. There are 125 million people in Japan, 67 million in the UK. But in Japan there are 1265 inhabitants per one scientific article, and in Great Britain there are 685 inhabitants. [7]

Almost all Nobel laureates are white. Is that in South Africa there are 8 Nobel laureates. Only now, 5 of them are white, and 3 blacks have a Peace Prize, which means nothing. [8]

IQ tests of different years in various African countries always gave approximately the same results: 60-80 points, in rare cases 89. In 1955, adults in Cameroon were able to score 64. In 1981 in Ghana, adults were able to score 80. In 1962 in Guinea, adults were able to score 70. In 1984, in Sierra Leone, adults were able to score 64, in 1966 the result was the same. In 1985, Tanzanian adults were able to score 65. In 1974 in Zambia, adults were able to score 64. Take the IQ comparisons of African and European students. In 1971, Africans had an IQ of 84, while Europeans had 103. In 1975, Africans had an IQ of 72, while Europeans had 100. In 2000, Africans scored 82 and Europeans 105. Europeans also larger brain size than Africans. For example, according to the 2000 test, Europeans had a brain size of 1320 cubic centimeters, while Africans had 1211 cubic centimeters. [9]

Are all races equal

Hybrids have an average value. That is, they are smarter than blacks, but more stupid than whites. Thus, according to the 2001 test, Europeans had an IQ of 95, hybrids — 81, and blacks — 71. [9]

Nothing has changed these days. Negroes have been losing in terms of IQ and continue to be losing. [10] More precisely, only the stupidity of the blacks has not changed. Something is changing, namely the political agenda. So, I recently wrote that Mathematics was considered the science of racists, that Physics was considered part of racism, that Boston canceled classes for the gifted because of the stupidity of blacks. After Biden came to power in the United States, a two-year investigation into Ivy League universities was quickly dropped. The thing is that it is much easier for blacks and descendants of Indians to do it than for a white or an Asian. A high school in Minnesota has removed the lowest grade from its system, a grade that allegedly reinforces systemic racism. [11] Before the football match in Manchester, fan Jake Hepple flew around the stadium with a banner saying “White lives are important,” as a result, he and his girlfriend were fired from their jobs. At the same time, a teacher at Cambridge University Priyamvada Gopal tweeted «the lives of whites do not matter,» she was promoted to professor. Now she wants to change the school curriculum and promote anti-racism. [12]

In 2020, they demanded to introduce quotas for blacks in the United States when entering higher educational institutions, since their stupidity did not allow them to enter. In particular, there were open letters demanding that at least 25% of blacks be included in the professorship by 2022. [13] Did you know that despite 50 years of racial equalization policy in the United States, the gap in the achievements of blacks and whites remains the same? James Coleman was very enthusiastic about the benefits of blacks in education, but in the mid-1970s he was forced to admit that the integration of blacks did not increase their academic performance. [14] Another protector of blacks, Nancy Sandjdon, also changed her mind. In 1975, in a survey of 120 studies on racial integration, she found that the performance of blacks remained the same even after the implementation of large-scale integration policies. [15] The American education system over the next 35 years of its operation gave the same results. A 2002 study reports, «There is no single example in the published literature on overarching issues of racial balance that confirms improved achievement for black students or significantly narrowed the gap between black and white achievement.» [16]

Are all races equal

In a 2003 book entirely devoted to the problem of racial differences in school achievement, it was concluded: “Whichever school African American students attend, be it 10 or 70% black, the racial gap remains approximately the same … If each (surveyed) school accurately reflected the demographic the profile of the schoolchildren of each race as a whole, the achievement level of blacks and Hispanics has not changed. » [17]

What can we say, if because of the stupidity of the blacks, «positive discrimination» was introduced. Although, can discrimination be positive? No, it cannot, just gentlemen democrats have become like their rather close allies in the person of the communists and considered that oppression is good when the majority is oppressed. Hypocritical scoundrels. Positive discrimination — quotas based on race, ethnicity or gender, while infringing on the rights of the majority and reducing the value of the results of the majority. In 2003, the US Supreme Court ruled that race can be taken into account when admitting individuals to educational institutions. It’s funny that in the same nasty country, presidential orders 11246 and 11375 prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, skin color, sex and other characteristics. [18]

If all races are equal, then why introduce privileges for racial minorities and kill healthy competition between members of different races in other ways? Anti-racists are liars.

As for Asians, everything is different. Asians are no better than whites in inventions and other scientific activities, but they skillfully alter everything in their own way, modify and copy. Despite their considerable number, we rarely hear about any Asian scientists. The average person can hardly name even a few Asian scientists. Before World War II, Japan was not a particularly developed state, but after the defeat and becoming a lackey of the United States, everything changed. Japan’s economy was in dire shape. After the defeat of Japan, it was forbidden to have its own army, which only played into the hands of the Japanese, since they had more money for the development of other areas. US special orders for Japan were also generating good income. [24]

Are all races equal

I came across one article from RBC that tells us about the 10 best black scientists. [25] First comes Benjamin Banneker, the Negro astronomer. He was partially white, which already somewhat undermines the possibility of considering him as a black scientist, his grandmother was a white debt servant. He was not an outstanding scientist, his merits are negligible, he gained popularity only thanks to anti-racists, since his correspondence with Thomas Jefferson was used as propaganda. After his temporary popularity faded, he could not even find a publisher for his almanacs. [26] Next comes Richard Drew. It’s funny that this scientist looks even more white. So much so that when you look at a black and white photograph of him, you probably think he’s white. That is, he is at most a mestizo. Daniel Hale Williams was also a mestizo. [27] The origin of Emmett Chappel also raises questions. His achievements can hardly be called something important, rather he just did what other scientists did not want to do.

Patricia Bath is a black woman who became an ophthalmologist. It is also excellently used in the propaganda of feminists. She became popular only because she was the first black woman to graduate from a residency in ophthalmology and receive a medical patent. She was just one of many, unremarkable. The really talented ophthalmologists of the 20th century were Sir Harold Ridley, Svyatoslav Fedorov and Jose Barraker. [28] But our anti-racists don’t care about these people, they are not black.

Garrett Morgan is partially white. David Blackwell is probably a real black man, but nonetheless only became popular because he was the first black man to be elected to the US National Academy of Sciences and the first black professor at the University of California. His works are mediocre. Julian Percy. I consider his achievements to be really good. He was a fairly skillful chemist.

Let’s sum up our «African American scientists». Only one in ten is quite good, while the rest are either mestizo or mediocre. In fact, it’s funny that by using mestizo as black scientists, anti-racists only discredit their opinion that blacks are just as strong in science. The next point is the comparison of crime. You will understand that even if there are at least a few skilled black scientists, there will still be much more black criminals. And the harm from these criminals is simply incomparable with the benefits from their scientists. Are all races equal?

Are All Races Equal?: Crime

Are all races equal

I have often heard about the allegedly racist attitude of the American police towards blacks. As if poor blacks are just so disliked by the police and all this is just because of their skin color. There are many statements on this topic, where only it is not mentioned. This is very surprising to me, because the prejudice of the police towards blacks is very normal. Think for yourself. Blacks commit a huge number of crimes, just incredible. They often attack police officers. The recent pogroms in the United States have shown their essence at all. Why would the police treat them with respect?

The safest states in the United States are Maine (94.4% of whites), Hawaii (1.6% of blacks). In 2011, the race of suspects in New York was such that 50% of the suspects were black, 31% were of Spanish descent and only 16% were white. The racial origin of those arrested: 35% are black, 37% are of Spanish origin. The most famous gangs in the USA are: Mexicans Bandidos, Blacks Crips, Blacks Bloods, Salvadorans MS-13, Blacks Black Guerrilla Family. By the way, the article also mentions the «Aryan Brotherhood» group. Initially, the group was conceived as an ultra-right, but from this only the name remained and it is simply impossible to consider its members as right. [29]

Crime statistics in the United States are not always accurate, as the Hispanic population is deliberately counted alongside whites to hide the high crime rate among Latino people and low crime rate among whites.

In the period 1980-2008, blacks made up 52.5% of all those accused of murder. Among criminals, the number of blacks exceeds whites by 8 times, and among victims by 6 times. Most of the killings take place at the hands of members of their own race. Thus, 84% of white victims were killed by whites, and 93% of blacks were killed by blacks. [30] [31]

Are all races equal

Of arrests in the United States in 2017 for assault without aggravated circumstances, 53.5% were black, 20.8% were Latinos. Of the 822,671 non-aggravated assault arrests, 31.4% were black and 18.4% were Latinos. [32] Among youth groups, Latinos are in the lead, accounting for 46%, followed by blacks with 35%. Whites make up 11.5%, 7% belong to another race or ethnicity. [33]

The hero of all American niggas, Martin Luther King, the face of anti-racism, was no different from an ordinary nigga. The FBI has disclosed some of the archival documents about Martin Luther King. King received money from the communists, hired prostitutes, used drugs, calmly watched his friend’s rape, and gave advice in the process, laughing. [34]

Are all races equal?: Health

Are all races equal

The harm from racial mixing is also quite large. Although in many communities there has been propaganda for a long time, telling us that supposedly children from mixed marriages are the most beautiful, healthy, and so on. But this is all a lie.

By saying that all races are equal, anti-racists deliberately keep silent about the fact that even in the area of ​​health, races are very different. So, for example, races have different mortality rates from Covid-19. Asians are 70% more likely than Europeans to end up in intensive care and die from complications. Blacks became infected three times more often than whites and Asians. [35] Asians were one and a half times more likely to be admitted to intensive care and ventilated than whites. Blacks are 1.8 times more likely. Asians are 1.49 times more likely to die than Europeans. Among blacks, it is 1.3 times higher. [36] But the differences between races are noticeable, of course, not only with the coronavirus. For example, it is more difficult for blacks not to smoke. [37] Negroids also have admixtures of erectus or other non-sapiens species. [38] [39]

Studies of dental development and physiological maturation make it clear that maturation rates differ among races. Negroids develop faster than Caucasians, and Mongoloids more slowly. Black babies are born shorter than white babies, and they are born more physiologically developed with strong muscles. Negroid babies begin to crawl, walk and dress themselves earlier than Caucasoid and Mongoloid babies. Many other characteristics differ as well. [41]

As for the characters, Negroids are less restrained than Caucasians, Mongoloids are the most restrained. One study reported that Mongoloid children were better socially adapted and less aggressive than Caucasoid and Negroid children. In another study, it became clear that Mongoloids are less sociable and more anxious. The most sociable and anxious are negroids. [41]

There are also various racial predispositions to health problems. For example, over the past 10 years, black women have died 60% earlier than whites from breast cancer, while having more aggressive tumors. Research also indicates that black women are much less likely to be screened and tested for cervical cancer. Normal lung activity in blacks is generally considered 10-15% lower than in whites. As Lundy Brown, who studies the relationship between medicine and technology across races, has shown, this view is based on the shaky theory that blacks have less lung capacity than whites. Some equipment does have a «race» switch that technicians switch on depending on the patient. [42]

Diabetes is 60% more common in blacks than whites. Blacks are three times more likely to die of asthma than whites. Mortality from scarring of the lungs is 16 times more common in blacks. Black men are 50% more likely to have lung cancer than whites. Strokes are 4 times more likely to kill blacks than whites. Cancer deaths are 40% higher in black men than in whites. Nearly 42% of black men and over 45% of black women aged 20 and over have high blood pressure. [43]

Are all races equal?: human opinion

Are all races equal

It’s funny that the ideas of racism were supported by intellectuals, while only cattle were against it. Today’s anti-racists are either hypocrites or just as naive.

Cross-breeding (with blacks) relentlessly lowers IQ, which is the greatest threat to the survival of whites and their civilizations. Nothing more definitely and permanently destroys white civilization. So far, few whites are aware of the threat, and many actually welcome it. If the breeding is not stopped soon, it will be too late. The center of civilization is already shifting from the West to East Asia, that is, to China, Japan, Singapore and South Korea. Soon, these countries will become centers of arts, sciences and military power, and the West will get bogged down in a hopeless attempt to keep up with them.


I want to emphasize that neither now, nor ever before, I have not advocated social and political equality of the black and white races; I have never advocated the inclusion of blacks in the electorate or jury, for their rights to hold public office or to marry white people; I will add to this that there are physical differences between the white and black races, which, in my opinion, will never allow them to coexist in conditions of political and social equality. And since this is so, then during life, side by side, the emergence of a higher and lower position between them is inevitable, and I, like everyone else, advocate the occupation of a higher stage by a white race.


When the Gods created the Earth in the old days,
Jupiter was given the guise of Man.
Following they created a lesser rank of beasts —
But they did not look like people.
Connect with people, fix this flaw,
The Gods conceived a plan from Olympus:
The creature was invented with a human figure,
The vice was invested, the NEGR was named.


To see these … monkeys from African countries — to hell with them, they are still uncomfortable wearing shoes!


It is reprehensible to marry someone with a bad temper, both transgender and zunj (black man from East Africa)


Beware of marrying the Zunjs (black people from East Africa) because they are a deformed creature.


Nothing is so clearly inscribed in the book of destinies as that these people should be free, but it is equally clear that two races can not live equally freely under one government.


The main reason for the intellectual and social deficiencies of American blacks is heredity and racial genetics. And thus, in most cases it cannot be corrected by improving the standard of living or by the environment.


For the most part, if not completely, all these newly independent African nations can hardly be mentioned over the past 5,000 years as having made any contribution to improving human life.


I see, when we classify humanity by skin color, there is only one race from this classification that has not made a creative contribution to any of our twenty one civilizations, the black race.


I tend to view blacks as naturally inferior to whites. There were hardly any civilizations among them, as well as outstanding figures in the field of theory and practice.


As an anthropologist, I naturally accept and affirm the fact that there are differences, both mental and psychological, that separate different human races. In addition, I would suggest that although the physical difference between races such as European and Negro is great, the mental and psychological differences between them are much greater.


If a person admits facts about races, he is a racist. I believe that if a person admits the facts about the existence of sexes, he is a sexist!


Race is everything, there is no other truth, and any race that does not care that it suffers from the mixing of blood must fall.


The Negro is the Negro, and will remain so — a human rudiment from the tropics. Blacks have intestines in their heads instead of brains, these creatures are like rudimentary organs in the body of a white society.

WHIP HAMSUN — NORWEGIAN WRITER, NOBEL Prize Laureate for Literature [50]

No sane person familiar with the facts would believe that the typical black man is equal or, even more incredibly, superior to the white person. So, it is simply ridiculous to expect that, by removing all obstacles and giving our kindred, decorated with prominent jaws, an equal field, without any privileges and oppression, we will witness his success in competition with a rival endowed with a large brain and smaller jaws; in a competition where thoughts, not bites, win. Of course, the highest peaks of civilization are inaccessible to our dark-skinned brothers.


Countries after the departure of whites

Are all races equal

The island of Haiti was discovered by the Spaniards in the 15th century. In 1697, Spain ceded part of the island to France. By 1789, the population consisted of 36 thousand whites, 28 thousand free mulattoes and about 500 thousand black slaves. Under the influence of the revolution in France, the mulattoes demanded equalization of rights with the whites, and began an uprising. By the way, the mulattoes did not oppose slavery. The massacre of the white population began. From early February to April 22, 1804, about 5,000 people were exterminated, including children. Jean-Jacques Dessalines proclaimed himself emperor, Haiti — «a country only for blacks», and also ordered the genocide of the white population. Two years later, he was killed during a new coup d’état. Since then, coups, conspiracies and other similar cases have constantly occurred. In 1844, the eastern part of the island seceded and the former Spanish possessions became the Dominican Republic. It was not stable there either. [52]

The rest of the history of Haiti did not expect anything good; today it is considered one of the most terrible countries on earth. Having driven out the white population, they condemned themselves to a terrible standard of living. In 2010, a terrible earthquake happened, in which more than 220 thousand people died. This catastrophe has become a real hell for the impoverished country. [52]

In 2000, invasions of farms began in Zimbabwe. The reign of terror scared away travelers, blacks began to confiscate all the farms in the area. New black owners cut down fences to sell for scrap, shot and eaten game animals, and took away his televisions, bedding and furniture. In 2005, the law canceled all farm documents and Mr. Rogers learned that he had lost the rights to his property. His document was stamped: «This property now belongs to the President of Zimbabwe.» [53]

Africans have a saying: “The worst thing that could happen to Africa is the arrival of a white man. And the second worst event was his departure. » In Rhodesia in 1980, when white rule ended, the average life expectancy was 57 years. In 2004 this figure was already 34 years old. Unemployment is now 80%. [53]

In 2020, the Ghanaian authorities began to pursue a return policy. Any ethnic African who wants to move away from xenophobia is welcomed by Ghana. This was stated by the Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture of Ghana Barbara Oteng-Gyasi. She said this at a wreath-laying ceremony at the portrait of drug addict George Floyd. “We continue to keep our arms open and invite all of our brothers and sisters home. Ghana is your home. Africa is your home. We have a hug to welcome you home. Please take advantage of this, come home to build life in Ghana, you don’t have to stay where you are not needed, you have a choice and Africa is waiting for you, ”she said. [54]

Who are the Aryans?

Are all races equal

Although the article is called «Are all races equal?» It will be about such a term as «Aryan».

There is a myth that the Tajiks and other peoples are supposedly the very Aryans who were spoken of in the Third Reich. This misconception is based on the fact that the term «Aryans» is used for the Indo-Aryan language group. But the term «Aryans» does not refer to linguistics, but to anthropology. Consequently, Tajiks are not Aryans.

Who are the Aryans? We can say that these are Europeans, since the term «Aryans» unites 6 races. “These six races [Nordic, Falskaya, Western, Eastern Baltic, Eastern, Dinaric] are called Aryan in accordance with our legislation. Thus, Aryans in Germany are those people who belong to one of these six races or carry the properties of these races in a mixed form. Non-Aryans are Orientalids and Near-Asians, or crossbreeds of these two races with other races, which are the crossbreeds of the Jewish people, ”writes Richard Rain. [55]

The German racologist Hans Gunther writes the following about the Slavs: “It is also necessary to pay attention to the Slavic settlement of East Germany, since false and contradictory views arose on this subject. — The Proto-Slavs were predominantly Nordic people, which formed from the group of the Nordic race that lived in Inner Russia, along the upper and middle reaches of the Dnieper, and proved strong enough to impose the Slavic languages ​​on the East of Europe for centuries. Since the VI century. from R.Kh. the Slavs spread to the west and southwest, and later also to the north … However, from the point of view of racology, i.e. also with the help of only bone remains from ordinary Slavic graves, it is impossible to distinguish [with the Germans]: the Proto-Slavs, this upper layer of the then Nordic-East Baltic, Nordic-Alpine, Nordic-Dinaric and Nordic-Sudeten peoples, who adhered to a certain funerary rite, belonged, like the Germans, to the Nordic race. » [56]

And about the term «Aryan» itself, he writes the following:

The non-existent «race» of the Semites in the West is fond of opposing the «race of the Aryans,» which also does not exist. And with this opposition, if we mean races, and not linguistic groups, they stubbornly confuse race and language. In linguistics, Indo-European languages ​​used to be often called «Aryan», and today in English linguistics the term «Aryan» is often used along with the term «Indo-European». German linguistics now applies the term «Aryan» only to the Indo-Iranian branch of the Indo-European languages. Racology at its initial stage called the non-existent «white» or (according to Blumenbach) «Caucasian» race «Aryan». Later, racology, linguistics and ethnology sometimes called peoples speaking Indo-European languages ​​»Aryan peoples» and, finally, the Nordic race, that is, the race, the linguistic expression of which is Indo-European («Aryan») languages, began to be called the «Aryan race» … As you can see, the term «Aryan» has become unsuitable for scientific use today. It is used in various obscure meanings in non-specialist circles, usually as a vague designation for those European and West Asian peoples who do not speak Semitic languages. Probably, it is the use of the terms «Semitic» and «Aryan» outside pure linguistics that introduces the confusion that still reigns today when the question of the racial identity of Jewry arises in the minds of Jews and non-Jews, defenders of Jews and their enemies.



Are all races equal
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