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My opinion about Muslims

I decided to express my opinion about Muslims. Both about Russian Muslims and about Muslims from other countries. I think this will be a fairly important article, especially if there are Muslims among my readers. I have not written anything like this before, only sometimes I spoke in some way in my articles about the representatives of this religion, although this is too little. Therefore, I decided to correct this misunderstanding and write a comprehensive article about these people. I hope that the truth will come out in sufficient detail. I will tell my opponents right away that there will be no statements in the spirit of “death to non-Russians, drive them out of Russia” and the like. Anyway, I will write here not only negative aspects, but also positive ones.

Before I begin to describe my opinion about Muslims, I will tell you about my experience of communicating with them in general. I talked to them quite often. Both in life and on the Internet. Once I met by chance a resident of Bangladesh, who was a journalist and told me about the local beliefs of Muslims. It was, of course, on the Internet. Initially, we discussed the Russian language and Putin with him, he practiced communication in Russian. Later, they began to discuss politics, religion and all that in English, since communication was more convenient in it. This communication was neutral, not a dispute. Then we were still discussing the conflict between Palestine and Israel, and we started with it. He told me then that he has a good attitude towards true believing Christians, even though he is a fundamentalist. Well, more precisely, that he would shake hands with such a Christian who would come to a Muslim country and declare that he is a believer.

I am not one of those Russian rightists who are against Muslims because of some personal resentment. I will not hide, there are some. Some of them are even ready to fraternize with the LGBT infection and the like, just to speak out against Caucasians and Islam. I strongly condemn such people, because true believing Muslims can be our allies. They are also right. But more on that in the rest of the article. I do not urge you to be friends with all those Muslims who call themselves believers. Not at all, I’m just talking about possible cooperation.

My opinion about Muslims from the Caucasus

My opinion about Muslims

I divide Muslims into three groups: geographic location, seriousness of faith, and nation. By geographic location, I mean a country or other geographic area. By the seriousness of faith, I mean how strongly a Muslim believes. That is, is he a true believer, of which there are actually very few, or is he just pretending to believe. Well, you yourself understand what is meant by a nation. By the way, I don’t mean that some are better than others because of geographic location or anything like that, I mean that there are many differences between them.

I will not lie, I treat Caucasians with caution and some distrust. Although, in fact, it seems to me that you hate each other at all. Very often I read stories or watched videos where you talk about how your fellow countryman dumped you; how Caucasians working as taxi drivers say that they only take Russians; how Caucasians rent apartments only to Slavs, and so on. Yes, compared to your dislike for each other, I am still a straightforward peacemaker. And I’m not talking about the Ukrainian site.

I myself constantly saw the news about how the inhabitants of the Caucasus or Central Asia commit any crimes. Moreover, I remember the war in Chechnya well and I will not forget the evil that was done: abductions, drug trafficking, murders and much more. The city in which I was born and raised was just one of those where the bulk of the recruits came from. Many of those guys were my peers, but I will live more years than they do. I will not hide that the fault lies not only with the separatists, but also with our government, but I don’t forget about that either.

One interesting fact. As soon as Caucasians leave their homes, many (if not all) of them immediately begin to behave terribly. “On a visit” they behave much worse than they behave “at home” in the Caucasus. In this opinion, I was always supported by the Caucasians themselves, and not only by them. Although there is another opinion that they behave even worse at home, but I do not agree with this, when communicating with Caucasians on the Internet, they behaved much better.

I also met interesting, good guys. There was a funny situation when some resident of Dagestan, namely Makhachkala, wrote to me, asking me to beat the blacks, because, according to him, he really hates them. He asked me if I was still right, to which I answered “yes”. I refused, because, firstly, I don’t want to do this, and secondly, it’s not so close to me. I still communicate with some people, previously we played games together, but now I don’t play anything again, so we cannot.

My opinion about cooperation with each other is that it is better for us to live separately. If I were in the place, for example, of the Chechens, I would have remained in my republic, I would not have gone anywhere, because my own land is dearer and more pleasant. Moreover, such a division will not prevent us from cooperating economically and not only, and living together today only leads to a clash of mentalities and mutual hatred.

My opinion about Muslims from other countries

My opinion about Muslims

I am not so familiar with Muslims from other countries, the opinion about them is not as uniform as about Muslims from the Caucasus. I consider them more believers than Caucasians. I especially like their conservatism and rejection of the «Holocaust», but I can’t write a lot about this because of the legislation. After talking with them on the Internet, I realized that we have a lot of similarities. Speaking of “us,” I mean exactly the guys of right-wing views, because the difference between them and ordinary Russian guys is often very great.

Most of all, I am impressed by the patriotism of the Palestinians, who for several decades have been trying to free their country from the Jewish occupation. I am especially interested in the Hamas movement, although recently I also studied the Fatah movement. It is unpleasant, of course, that Fatah and Hamas did not actively cooperate, it would be easier for them. When the conflict between Palestine and Israel attracted a lot of attention, many Russian right-wingers for some reason began to support Israel, which shocked me. Even the supporters of the left movements in the United States turned out to be smarter. I am on the side of Palestine because the truth is behind them, I sympathize with this people. And Israel’s supporters are usually some pitiful lackeys, like the United States. By the way, the Palestinian movement Hamas is just recognized as terrorist in the United States and the US puppet countries.

Saudi Arabia repels me with its cooperation with the United States, their betrayal of Palestine in the last century, when the conflict just began. I think Indonesia is quite an interesting and unique country. Morocco also strikes me as an interesting country. I sympathize with Iran for the fact that they have achieved good development. But I think Turkey is not a sufficiently religious country. I also do not understand the position of Azerbaijan in the conflict between Palestine and Israel. But come on, this is still the position of the government, not the residents themselves.

My opinion about Muslims in Europe

My opinion about Muslims

I have always considered and will consider multiculturalism as idiocy. As for me, multiculturalism showed all its inconsistency and once again proved that my position in our relations with Muslims, namely, separate coexistence, turned out to be correct. Again, this is a very strong meeting of mentalities. I think it is absolutely stupid to try to allow people of those religions that have opposed each other for centuries to live together. Or do you think that after so many years, this confrontation will disappear? No, it will not disappear even if all the people of the world renounce religion.

I myself know that among these Muslims there are good people who go to Europe to really benefit. But I am also sure that much more criminals and freeloaders go to Europe. Again, why should a Muslim go to Europe if he can stay in his home country, where he would be much more comfortable? It seems to me that all these criminals bored everyone in their homeland, they were driven out and they fled to Europe to continue to commit evil.

In fact, these same migrants from Muslim countries should oppose the uncontrolled emigration of their fellow believers, who commit crimes and dishonor them. First, because of these criminals, bias would logically follow. Secondly, in addition to the preconceived attitude (meaning the attitude of the police and others), there will be a bad opinion in general. Third, Muslim criminals (although can a real Muslim commit crimes?) Will be dangerous for honest Muslims themselves. I think there are other pluses. Therefore, I do not see anything strange in the fact that Muslims in Europe should support conservative nationalist parties. Moreover, I think such support will help build good relations and mutual understanding.

At the moment, my attitude towards Muslims migrating to Europe is negative, because I have heard about an incredibly huge number of crimes. And I don’t need to talk about stereotypes and the fact that not everyone is like that. It is logical that crimes will always be louder than good deeds. So in all things, good relationships are difficult to build, and it is easy to destroy them. «From love to hate, one step,» as they say.

«There are no bad nationalities, there are bad people»

My opinion about Muslims

I constantly heard this phrase. And I never understood why they write it. «The thief’s hat is on fire,» or what? Nobody even says that some nation is «rubbish», everyone only talks about the fact that they are tired of crimes from newcomers. And who is to blame for this? Those who suffer from these crimes?

I believe that there is nothing wrong with indicating the nationality of a criminal. Quite the opposite. This can shame the representatives of the same nation, which makes them themselves hate these same criminals. Moreover, if you understand that you yourself are not the same criminals, then why do you need to hide something? Personally, I do not mind to indicate the nationality of the Slavs in the news, I do not have double standards. But you don’t need to attribute any mixed people or people with dubious origins to the Russians. An example of this is the announcement of the wanted Jew Leonid Volkov, whose nationality was indicated: «Russian».

Did you know that despite the fact that there are only about 25% of Russians in Estonia, they commit many crimes? Now, there is no point in hiding it, as many of the Muslims in the Russian Federation do.

As with Muslims in other European countries, it is beneficial for Muslims in the Russian Federation to support the tightening of migration. Now everyone is coming here, this is a strong blow to really qualified people. Don’t you understand this? Many of you go to the Russian Federation to earn money.

By the way, it’s funny. When they talk about crimes, then you start to say that there is no point in dividing anyone by nation. But when there is something good, then you immediately start to distinguish your nation. What kind of double standards? And why don’t your fighters fly under the Russian flag? At such moments, friendship and unity immediately disappear?

My opinion about Islam itself

I expressed my opinion about Muslims, now about Islam itself. I am interested in religions, including Islam. There are also points with which I agree. In particular, about the rejection of homosexuals. I also dislike pork and agree that it is a filthy animal. I like the reverent attitude of Muslims towards their religion. We, too, would not be hurt by the promotion of our religion among non-believers and among the gentiles.