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My opinion about anime and anime people

My opinion on anime, anime, manga and anti-anime. I think that it is necessary to diversify the content and write an article not only on the topic of politics, history and all that. I have long wanted to write on this topic and still started.

My opinion about anime and anime people

My opinion about anime and anime people

In general, I have a negative attitude towards anime. There are too many flaws in these cartoons. There are much fewer more or less normal animes, and good ones come out extremely rarely. It’s also funny to me that this kitsch, created exclusively for earning money, is called by someone the loud word “art”. Creativity, yes, but not art. There is nothing special about the anime. Of the most significant drawbacks, I would note the following: stereotyped, low-quality drawing, lack of meaning in most cases, as well as a lot of shortcomings in the plot. And this is just the most common. Here you need to look individually.

How many anime have I watched? More than 300 pieces. Actively watched during the period 2016-2017. Then I was very carried away and it was interesting, but when I figured it out enough, I was disappointed. I realized that there was nothing special about him, on the contrary.

I will not say that you need to completely give up watching anime. It’s just your choice, you can watch for a change. Problems with choosing a good film are just as common. There are all the more problems with serials. I think that now in any creative work there is not enough material worthy of attention, but this has happened before.

The anime people themselves are often children who are too keen on cartoons. Adult anime people are often infantile. Not all of them are like that, but they are the loudest. But such characters are unlikely to ever disappear.

In general, the drawing in the anime style is not bad and looks interesting, but not always. Just one of the reasons why I was interested in this at all was the drawing. I am often interested in things that are new to me, which, moreover, are very original. But many arts have a drawback — strong stereotyped even here. They can be too much alike, it gets boring. Although sometimes the distant drawing is not very good, but here it is already a matter of taste. Therefore, I give preference to those authors who not only try to make their own style, but also who succeed.

What anime would I recommend you never watch? Anime genres: etty, harem, lolicon, erotica. Maybe some more. I’m not talking about yaoi, yuri, shojo-ai and shounen-ai, you shouldn’t even think about that. Which ones would I recommend on the contrary? The following: «The Merry Traveling Salesman», «The Great Teacher Onizuka.» I will not say that they are perfect, but it will do.

My opinion on the manga

Everything is more complicated here. Usually anime are adaptations of manga. And, unfortunately, not all worthy works become anime. The manga has similar problems with anime, but it also has its own. Here, too, there is hack, despite the fact that drawing manga is easier. I read less manga than anime. More than 100. I have a more positive attitude towards manga than towards anime.

For some time he was engaged in translations of manga and comics on the Readmanga website. Now you are unlikely to find my translator page, then I was under a pseudonym. I don’t even remember how many manga I translated, but dozens of comic book chapters for sure. I was even on the same translation team for a while. The creator of that team suggested creating a new one, but there he could not implement it, and I later abandoned translations.

My opinion about antianime

My opinion about anime and anime people

After getting disenchanted with anime, I accidentally stumbled upon a movement like anti-anime. I was in it for several years, all activity was limited to activity on the Internet. Was one of the administrators of the best anti-anime group. It broke up due to internal conflicts just before the antianima itself as a whole became of no interest to anyone.

In fact, I was in many of these bands, and each of them was one of the best. I even wrote several dozen articles for this movement. You are unlikely to find them now. They are either under a different pseudonym (most often Maxim Amursky), or have already been lost.

Antianime for me was just a way to have fun with friends and hone my arguing skills, creating memes and writing articles, nothing more. The movement itself is useless and their fight against anime is more often than not a blow to the void. But individuals decided to devote their lives to this, and for many years they have been floundering in this cycle of useless disputes and barely noticeable criticism. I tried to influence some of them, but it is useless. This perseverance would be good if their activities were more useful, and so the phrase «chose your path — follow it to the end» seems ridiculous here.